Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

So beat.

Whaddup, kids. the employee cafeteria jobby at work, there's like this little anteroom before you get into the food service area proper. The last couple days, inexplicably, this anteroom has been populated by a life-size cardboard cutout of Barack Obama. Smiling and waving. I dunno,'s been freaking me out. It's like...I'm just kind of wandering around in a daze at work, as I tend to do, minding my own business, and then I turn a corner, and, whoa, it's Barack Obama. Uh...hi?

Anyway. Work's been all over me lately. We're in the midst of another big-ish tournament. Not another series like the Poker Opens, but just one big tournament. It'll take four days to get through this bad boy, now with two down and two to go. I mention this only because it has munged up my schedule (yet again), and I was in the weird space today of having had to go in to work early after the usual late night shift on Saturday. What made matters worse was...even though I wasn't dealing the tournament yesterday, the fallout still made the poker room super busy; everyone was putting in overtime. I went about two hours over, myself. So that, sadly, put me in the always soul-wearying position of finishing a long-ass shift at work, stumbling home, passing out, and then waking up and going right back into work again. As a programmer, I really didn't mind that kind of thing so much. As a poker dealer, it wears on me. Bleah. Also, for further fun and profit, I have the same (earlier) shift scheduled again on Monday, but luckily I'm so tired I don't think it'll be a problem for me to get enough sleep tonight. Yay?

I got to do a small amount of grocery shopping today outside of A.C. proper, which is a rare treat. I bought a long-ass loaf of Portuguese bread. I made a big ol' batch of lentil soup recently, and I would like to eat it with a nice crusty bread. Yeeees. Crusty bread. Also I bought chocolate chips. I'll probably get into the reasoning behind that in a separate post later on.

Aaaaaaand. I guess that's about it. Terrible post. :) Peace, everybody!
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