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Hello, again, everybody. The last few days have kind of gone by in a blur, but I don't guess I'm much the worse for wear. I'm just not entirely sure where all the time went. At some point I worked. :) My sister's birthday also happens to coincide with Angela's birthday, so I spent much of that day chilling with her. We shot a little pool; we played a little poker; we hung out. We basically made a day of it. Also we had birthday cake, obtained from a nearby Chinese bakery, which had, like, chunks of melon inside it. That was a new experience for me. New, but tasty.

So that was Sunday. Monday I can't really recall doing much of consequence; I think I was just basically recovering. Tuesday I worked. Yesterday, Wednesday, I actually spent being somewhat productive. I bought pants. Also a robe, which is a really new experience for me. I just...I don't know...I've been wanting a robe for a while. And I saw one on sale, and...well, now I have a robe. Yay? I also did some much-needed grocery shopping (I had run out of oatmeal; oh the horror!) and managed to (finally) address that mountain of dirty laundry I had sitting around. So now I have pants, a robe, plenty of oatmeal, and lots of clean underwear. I rule!

I also took the opportunity to go see Watchmen. See...the only movie theater in reasonable striking distance of my house is the Imax theater in the Tropicana. Luckily, they had Watchmen playing, so...I decided I'd go check it out. See...all this time, I'd been trying to keep expectations low; the graphic novel is very, very beloved by me and I didn't want the movie to make me sad. I was doing pretty well with that, but then eventually, a little while back, the flick got the nod from Wil Wheaton, and he's got his geek head screwed on pretty well, so I started to get excited. Also I grew tired of avoiding everything I ran across that had Watchmen spoiler warnings on it, so I decided to just go out and see the movie.

Well, friends, I was made very happy. I had fun. It was exciting to watch, and it kept the core of everything I cared about from the comic. Yes, there were differences. Alterations. Omissions. Amplifications of violence. There was also a lot of penis. But overall, there was the sense that the people who put this together actually gave a shit about what made the graphic novel awesome, and so they did right by me. In addition, they also made a kick-ass movie, which is what people want to see. Also there was Carla Gugino, which is always nice.

One reason I give the movie ups is how I felt when I left the theater. I walked home feeling sort of...inflated. I was full of feelings of adventure and excitement, of epic grandeur and world-shaking ambitions. Grit and heart and humanity. On the way home, I bought bread and milk down at the 7-11. I got home, and I reheated some dinner. I washed dishes. In other words, I crashed very hard back into the rock-solid mundanity of life. It would be wrong to say that this contrast made me sad, but it did make me a little bit...thoughtful, I guess. I'm an escapist by nature; a fantasist, maybe. I find I get the most enjoyment out of things with stories: movies, books, even video games. Table-top roleplaying was always my favorite, of course. In other words, Fakeworld. I love Fakeworld. It's so awesome. Realworld is just a bunch of laundry and oatmeal and buying pants. Some people do fun things with their time. You know, to make their lives enjoyable. It appears I sort of just leave my life as it is and find enjoyment in other, fake lives. :) I don't feel particularly good or bad about that; I just felt like making the observation. It occurred to me as I was elbow-deep in suds scrubbing out a pot and realizing I'd never be a superhero. :)

Aaaaanyway. So today I have done extremely little. I'm finishing up a book I was rereading, but otherwise I don't guess I've been up to much of import. The Video Game Movie Project has stalled a bit, what with one thing and another, but I was highly amused to see that John Scalzi's AMC column today is about, wait for it, video game movies! Excellent. :) Even more excellent, though, was that in that column, Scalzi pointed out that another AMC columnist, Anthony Burch, pretty much only writes about video game movies. Suh-weet! Guess I have something new to read now, every other Tuesday. :)

And I guess that catches me up. Hope you're all doing well, everybody. Smell ya later!
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