Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The time goes by

Just thought I'd try and post a little update or so here, as pointless as that may be. :) The big news over in Robland is probably that I've been kinda sick for about a week. I think I just had some kind of virus...something flu-like. What's been weird about it is that I had all the classic symptoms, just not all at once. Like, when it first started, I was just tired and achy. Possibly feverish, though I didn't check. But anyway...that was it. No airway problems, no stomach problems...just tired and achy. It was odd, but it was enough to know I was sick, so...I just figured three days or so of the same, and that would be that. (I always seem to be sick for three days.) Anyway, the next day I was much less tired and much less achy, but then I started venting nasal mucus. The next day, that tapered off, but then the throat trouble started. And so on. I seem to be coming out of the chest congestion phase about now, but now my ear canals feel plugged, so...I guess this was just a weird sort of slow-moving infection. :) And, as per my usual, I'm taking my sweet time getting over the throat part. That's just how I roll now; the throat bit stays with me for a while. But all in all, I think I'm basically recovering at this point.

So honestly I haven't been up to all that much lately besides sitting around the house. I know that's pretty much what I usually do anyway, but it's had a different kind of spin on it lately due to sickness. That, and I also missed a couple days of work, which sadly is going to take a big bite out of my already suffering bottom line for February, but...well, I don't mind. When you're sick, you're sick, you know? The one thing I found noteworthy about it was that I wasn't, like, that sick, but the nature of my work tipped me toward staying home. For example, if I was still a coder, I wouldn't have called out. I was well enough to sit at a desk and code, for example. But when my job entails being put out in front of customers and also not being able to free my hands at a moment's notice to, for example, blow my nose, I felt much more justified in phoning it in. I one wants a sick dealer. Trust me on this. :)

I've been taking in a lot of video games and Night Court. And cooking; I now have a whole lot of stuff in the freezer. Tried to get out of the house once in a while just to maybe pick up supplies or groceries or just in general get out of the house, but I often regretted it, at least until the sickness started lessening, so mostly I just stayed at home and amused myself. I considered hitting the poker tables once in a while, but ultimately I never felt justified in doing so. The same rationale that would keep me out of work should also keep me away from playing, plus I know deep in my heart that I shouldn't hit the tables when I feel like crap, so...home it was.

I finally got around to finishing Hitman (which, I found out, is actually Hitman 2; it was just the only one in that series to come out for the Cube). So I'm happy to report, anyway, that restarting the game did allow me to get past that part where it was always crashing before. Can't really explain that, but...there you go; must have been the save file. (There is an alternate theory, may have been crashing because I dressed up like a pizza delivery man, something I actually avoided doing for this latest play-through. If I'm ever really bored enough, maybe I can experiment with that later.) For reasons I can't really explain, I found myself wanting to replay Twilight Princess, so I got started on that, but I'm not so sure I'm into it enough to continue. I actually found myself sort of accidentally at a Game Stop recently, but I didn't end up getting anything, either because I am strong-willed or terminally indecisive.

I wanted to clear a few movies out of the way before I got started with the whole Video Game Movie project, but I'm more or less done with that now and am ready to start watching video game movies. Just for kicks, Super Mario Bros. is going to start off that little project. :) I'll try to keep you guys posted, I guess. I need something to blog about. :)

Last night was a landmark evening of late as I not only left the house, but also left town so I could go chill with Momz for a little bit. We (finally) headed up to this diner she had been telling me about, which was nice and tasty. I couldn't even finish my food; my eating habits have gotten all kinds of messed up lately. Anyway. Back home now and I pretty much have today to myself, so yay. Back to work tomorrow, so boo.

Oh, and consider this fair warning, everybody, but I've erased my LJ friends groups. At this point I'm fairly sure that no one but me has been reading my friends page, but in case you are, be warned that that shit is going to look way different now. Almost assuredly no one but me has been reading my friends page in a way that made use of my friends groups, but...if for some reason that's you, then be warned that that shit won't work any more.

Aaaaand, I guess that's about it. I'll check out for now, since my brain is suddenly starting to get fuzzy. :) Peace out, everybody!
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