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Video games and movies

Just as a quick related comment to the absurdity we allow in video games: one popular point of discussion that deserves mention in this vein is the issue of regaining health. I don't really have any bones to pick with the 1-UP style of thing, where it's basically you-get-hit-then-you-die, and you can just pick up extra lives. I mean...I feel that falls well under the purview of powerups. I'm talking more about those games where you have life meters, and you are unaccountably able to heal your wounds with various food items you discover. I mean...this still covers a spectrum, but it's still overall strange.

Like...I feel one end of the spectrum, the somewhat normal, is something like the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games where you regain life by eating pizza. I mean, come on. It's TMNT...of course you're going to be healed by pizza. Somewhere in the middle might be something like...well, the example that springs to mind is Castlevania. It's like... "Hmm, let me see what's hidden behind this brick. Ah, a roast turkey! Excellent." I mean, taken on its face, that's completely bizarre, but you at least have to cut slack for it being a kind of fantasy game. You can get away with symbolism for that kind of Link collecting hearts, you know? It's just a token. I figure that kind of stuff is around the middle of the scale, like...yes, odd, but still acceptable. The far end of the spectrum is just the stuff that tries to be somewhat realistic, but somehow just falls far away from normal. In my mind, this is epitomized by Final Fight, where you're roaming the tough streets of gangland cleaning the place up basically by punching out everyone you come across. Easy enough theme to handle, right? But just the fact that you kick open a nearby busted oil drum to reveal the hamburger hidden inside... And then you eat the hamburger and feel better? I dunno, man.

ANYway. That's all beside the point.

In trying to come up with something useful from a tangenting discussion on my last post, I'm thinking about queueing up a bunch of video-game-inspired movies. You guys wanna help me out with titles? Live action is preferred, just for the fun of it. I'm starting things off with Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter. Let's skip Tomb Raider for now, shall we? I'll probably see that around the same time as I see OneChanbara, yeah? Like...for now I'm just going to set aside the ones with overt and gratuitous sexuality-infusion. That's like a whole separate beast in my head. Also, let's not bring up Hitman, since Jay-Jay already made me watch it. ;) Comment away with your suggestions!

[EDIT: Let me make it clear that I'm not asking for good movies here. Don't feel any suggestions you may give me will weigh in on your recommendation records with me. ;) ]

[FURTHER EDIT: I also want to make clear that I'm talking about the American live-action Street Fighter up there. The anime movie was actually kinda hot. It had Chun Li's boobies in it. Also Blanka lighting up Zangief. And Dee Jay! I mean, come on.]

[SON OF FURTHER EDIT: Just thought of a couple more for the exclude list. I forgot the whole horror genre, so skip Silent Hill and the Resident Evil series.]

[FURTHER ANCESTOR OF FURTHER EDIT: aplacental threw in what I should have checked for in the first place: the Wikipedia list of what I was looking for. That said, I'll still take recs.]
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