Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Wasn't so tough

Amazingly, I managed to drag my sorry ass out of bed and get myself presentable and to the bus on time this morning, so I made it to jury duty on time, if in a daze. Thanks to the bus schedule, I actually got there quite early, but so did everyone else on that bus, so...well, there ya go. I sat around in nice little waiting room for a while, reading my book and listening to the rest of the people show up and get signed in and stuff. After some time, the wrangler got us all to pay attention while they rolled a short film called something like "You The Juror," which was a nice little infomercial about...uh, how trials work, I guess. Spiff.

So. Prior to our video education, we were told that the load was pretty light today, and there was only one trial they were selecting for. In the time it took for our video to play, however, it turned out that the defendant decided to plead guilty, so they basically then just sent us all back home. Nice. I had instructions to call back this evening to see if I had to report back in, but apparently, I don't. So, that's that; no jury duty for me. Plus, I get a whole five bucks for my trouble. Yee ha. Sadly, that's not even enough money to cover my bus fare for hauling out there, but who's counting. So, as it turns out, it cost me half a night's sleep and a buck and change, but now I'm covered for jury duty for the next three years. So, yeah, I'll take that deal.

I'm all fazed and sleepy at this point, but I fear going to bed too early, because then I'll wake up early and then I'll be all tired at work tomorrow night. Anyway, though...that's it. Just thought y'all'd like to know how that all turned out. Onward!
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