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Hello, again, LJ. I've been seriously deficient in the blogging arena of late, but in my own defense, my life just isn't that interesting, the end, I might be doing you a favor by not blogging. But anyway, I've just been feeling the need to catch up a little and maybe get going again, In looking over things, I don't guess I've posted much of anything since 2009 got going. Nothing of any substance, anyway. And, in truth, there hasn't been that much going on.

Our big winter tournament series at work came and went. It was a busy time, for sure, but I was spared much of the worst of it, so good deal. The worst of it, in this case, basically means dealing for the tournament proper. For having put in my time with the company already, I got instead to deal the cash games that blossom around such a tournament series, so that was pretty nice. It's been over for a couple weeks now, I guess, and work has slowed to a complete crawl. Things might pick up again for me a bit starting next week, far it looks like it's going to be a pretty tight February.

One unusual break in the rut has come up: I've been summoned for jury duty. I find out this evening whether I actually have to show up or not tomorrow, and then I guess (if so) I find out tomorrow what's involved after that. This should be something of an annoying adventure. Assuming all the schedules in my life hold about steady, I should be able to swing both jury duty and my job, so that should be a nice, interesting peek into life with two jobs. What's troublesome about this is that, for some reason, despite having a perfectly serviceable court right here in Atlantic City, I've actually been summoned to a court a town or so over. This isn't a huge deal for most, but for someone like me with no car, and with New Jersey Transit being what it is, this is going to be a huge pain. Also, if this does end up getting combined with work, there are going to be certain days where I'm just not going to get a lot of sleep. So, we shall see. All things being equal, I wouldn't mind serving a little jury duty, just since I guess I've got the time and maybe I squeeze a few extra bucks out of it. Given the commute and time hassles it's going to add to my life, I'd just as soon get tossed. We'll see what happens.

The entertainment front has been holding pretty steady. My Netflix time has been devoted almost exclusively to watching TV shows. I just got done with the first season of 24, a show I've never watched. I'm back to having movies sent to me now, just since I've been too lazy to go and find anything new or reorganize my queue. But I've found the TV-on-DVD experience so enjoyable, I'll be looking for more of that soon. Likely near the top of the list is continuing with 24. As for video games, I mentioned picking up God of War, but I've kinda stalled on that, not finding too much to drag me in. I was cleaning out some e-mail archives recently and stumbled across tom_kiper talking about Parasite Eve like years ago. It's a PS1 game, but my PS2 could swing it, so I figured, hey, why not. So I found a copy on eBay and have been giving that a go. Pretty enjoyable so far. Imagine my shock when I found out I needed a PS1 memory card in order to save games. Luckily, I never seem to throw anything away, and I actually was able to dig a PS1 card out of my Boxes o' Stuff, so off Aya and I go. Somehow, in the middle of that, I got caught up playing Hitman again. I'm starting the game over, pretty much just to see if it'll still keep crashing when I get to that point where it always crashed at before. I also caught the Hitman movie, by the way, based on Jay-Jay's recommendation, and what I've found sort of strange is that I'm playing the game much differently now...I guess sort of bleeding over character impressions from the movie. Odd, that, but it makes me a kinder, gentler cold-blooded assassin, so...there ya go.

I decided that with the turning of the year coming so close after my brush with unemployment, I'm sort of starting my financial life over from square one. I'm trying to redo my budget a little, especially with regard to taxes, and just sort of...I don't know. Keep on keeping on, I guess. I figure I'll know a bit more once I get my 2008 taxes squared away, but everything's more or less the same, I guess. Just trying to be more careful, I guess, since I had such a scare at the end of last year. That said, January was a good month, what with the tourney series and everything, so I've actually managed to get a little poker time in, too. Always a good thing. (Well, almost always. ;) )

Anyway. Guess that's about it. There's stuff on the back burner that I kinda sorta keep meaning to get around to rambling about, but haven't yet. All in all, things are just chugging along; nothing new or exciting has really come up. When it does, I'm sure you'll all be the first to know. :) Until then, peace out, everybody. Smell ya later!
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