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A look back at 2008

So it looks like I've been more or less off the blogging bandwagon for a few weeks now, so my final days of 2008 and initial ones of 2009 have thus far gone unrecorded. Big whoop, frankly, but I'll throw some stuff on here eventually. Before that happens, though, I thought I'd run through a few highlights of the 2008 edition of my blog. Why? No clue. But I saw John Scalzi do a "Best of 2008" thingy, know. Plus...apparently I never really got around to New Years post for 2008, so I don't really have any kind of hard benchmarks to look at for 2009. I realize, too, that this will be a kind of self-perpetuating problem unless I put together a 2009 New Years post, but, uh...well, we'll see.

So what was my 2008 like? It was my first full calendar year at the new (?) pad in A.C. I'm still basically not yet unpacked. It was my first year of quarterly tax payments to the IRS, owing to my mostly-cash income. I just sent off my final installment, actually, and then when I get around to doing taxes we'll see if that worked out well or not. I'm thinking there may be some surprises in store, as the latter portion of my year was so screwed-up jobwise, but...well, what the hell. It's taxes. I mean...there's always going to be something messed up somewhere, right? I'm not sweatin' it. The latter portion of my year was screwed up, by the way, because I got laid off, which was kind of a landmark thing. But I got brought back in (more or less) a few weeks later, and at this point things are looking...well, pretty much similar to the way they looked before, so...I dunno. It's like the layoff doesn't really count.

I reached a few milestones of sorts. For one, 2008 saw the conclusion of the California Project, which was a couple months shy of hitting the nine-year mark. Yeah. I also had my first big medical scare, which to this day remains basically unexplained, but also appears to have, if not disappeared, then at least abated. It turned out to be not so much of a bad thing, all told, as it led to me getting a blood workup done finally, which turned out to look pretty awesome. It also led to the end of my caffeine habit. The smoking...well, the smoking's been kind of on-again off-again since then. Work on that continues. It also got me more into cooking things at home, which is going more or less well. It's still pretty much a legume-centric lifestyle at this point, but, hey -- there's worse things. I also bought new RPGs for the first time in forever. It remains to be seen whether or not that will actually lead to anything fruitful, but it's nice to dream. There were also two deaths for the year mentioned in my blog: Gary Gygax and Bernie Mac. The implications of this are left as an exercise to the reader. 2008 also saw my return to the old IRC hangout, which has turned out to be pretty good times.

My antisocial tendencies remain basically intact. So much so that various visits and hangouts were documented and noteworthy. :) panyang swung by a couple times while she was back in the States for a while. I got to catch up with gmonger and fiendess on a trip they took down here, too. One pretty notable visitation was from a sizable gang: Rigel came back to the States as well and landed in A.C. for a bit along with Calin, gmonger, stephantravels, and failedoptimist. I'm sure there was much fun and enjoyment to be looked back on from that visit, but what I remember most is that I basically drank myself into mild organ damage. I made it back up to NYC to see drdelirium, which was excellent, and then back up again later on to hang out and drink with her and jammie718. I think in between, I caught Jamz down here in A.C. when she came down for a concert. My final NYC trip was to see off my boy Paul before he took off for China. Then, at year end during my radio silence, I caught up with Chuck and Yenni when they made an A.C. run, and then in a separate visit, kawaiiryuko and aplacental made it down here, too. Come to think of it, I think kawaiiryuko was here earlier on his own, too, maybe like a month ago or so. So there ya imported social life. Locally, there's really just been the occasional hanging out with Angela, which generally leads to the inevitable frustrating fight with Angela, which segues into the not-talking-at-all-for-a-while with Angela, which at latest count looks like we're reaching the going-our-separate-ways part, so...yeah. In retrospect, I guess I never really got around to telling the story of Angela on this blog. Honestly...probably just as well.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the year:

"Perspective" - My post about Smith's Cloud, the gigantic hydrogen cloud rocketing toward us that will in all probability completely obliterate us. In about 40 million years.

"I'm a mess" - The lamentations of my one (and I think only) attempt at any kind of serious exercise this year.

"Awesome" - By far my favorite news bite of the year: the Grey Poupon shooting.

"You can't go home again" - The epic failure I produced in attempting to write a computer program for the first time in years. Never did pick that project up again, by the way.

"Juxtaposition" - Basically the closest I came to talking about the race for the presidency, in which I really don't say anything about it. Also related: part 2 and the unofficial part 3. (Come to think of it, I probably did more image editing in 2008 than in recent previous years. Chocolate Blast-ems, son.)

"A little something" - The spiritual descendant of the "Perspective" post, my introduction to pulsars.

A few more blog highlights:

My favorite comment exchange on my blog here:
metalepticfit: I tend to confuse Electric Company and Sesame Street.
flatvurm: That's fucked up!

Hands down, my favorite "By this time I've completely forgotten the context for this" moment here:
jammie718: Come up to NYC and show us your fat, flappy junk!

My new favorite motto picked up in 2008 here: "Speak in a straightforward and brief manner."

Finally, it's nice to know that, if you can generalize based on bookends, then it seems my usual parade of inane nonsense continues fairly consistently on this here blog. My first post of 2008 remarked on finding a g-string hanging from a tree on my block. My last post of 2008 was regarding the relative demerits of a diet consisting solely of milk and potatoes. So rock on, everybody. Here's to a new and exciting 2009!
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