Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Cookie success!

I made cookies again, and this time I'm willing to call the whole thing a win. I switched to trying out oatmeal cookies. I'm eating a lot of oatmeal these days, moreso than peanut butter, anyway, so it seemed like a good progression. My mom said that sometimes the best recipes come right from the companies that sell the ingredients, so I tried out a recipe I got right from the Quaker Oats people. (Though I didn't use Quaker oats...I used something generic.) But the results were moist and tasty, definitely more in line with what I wanted than the results I was getting from the peanut butter cookie trials. So, yay! Cookies. I had a couple breakthroughs this time around.

First off, thanks to the oven thermometer my mom lent me, I was able to determine that my oven does indeed run a little hot, so I was able to use a more accurate temperature setting this time. Assuming the thermometer is accurate...but let's not go there just yet. At any rate, I'm assuming that helped things work out better because, astoundingly, I didn't burn any of the cookies. I did, however, manage to burn myself. Right on a finger on my dealing hand, no less...what one of my coworkers calls the "moneymaker." Now I feel like I have to make up a story involving spot welding or something. Somehow I don't feel it'd be manly enough to just say, "Yeah...burnt my finger making oatmeal cookies." But burnt cookies. In fact, I may actually have undercooked them. They seem a bit...fragile? But no one ever complained about cookie dough, methinks.

Secondly, this marked my first time using shortening. Shortening is apparently quite a traditional ingredient, but I find it kind of strange and unsettling. Now, butter...I get butter. I mean, sure, maybe it was squirted out of a cow's nipple, but I at least get the concept of agitated fat blobs. Shortening, though...I mean, you can't beat a soybean and get shortening to come out, know what I'm sayin'? What can I say -- I'm just weirded out by solid plant fats. Regardless, though, if shortening is the key to moist and delicious cookies, then...well, sign me up. The peanut butter cookie recipe my mom gave me is based on shortening, so...I guess I'll give that a try one of these times.

In other news, I tried freestyling something last night involving cheese sauce. I still remain cheese sauce deficient. I may not be totally to blame for this latest fiasco, as it was done basically in an attempt to use up a lot of old cheese I had laying around. that sense, it worked out, but it still wasn't...I dunno. As tasty as I want cheese sauce to be. Research continues.

I'm not bummed about the cheese sauce thing, though. Cookies, son! Cookies.
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