Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Second day back

Man, so...they don't mess around. After my mild re-intro to work on Tuesday, they chucked me right back into the fire last night for the evening shift on Black Friday. The poker room was packed. I mean...I've seen it worse...there weren't, like, crowds of people just standing around choking the place up, but I'm sure for the beginning of my shift there were no open tables in the room, which is just ridiculous. The tournament from the morning was still winding down when I came in, and even there, as soon as a tournament table closed, bang, they'd spread a live game there before the seats were even cool. Madness. So...I got to put in a solid full shift with only two breaks. By night's end I was totally wiped out. But at least I made some bank, so...that's nice. In fact, just to illustrate how broken stuff is, I made more last night than a whole week's unemployment would get me. That's just nuts! But helpful. :) We'll see if tonight holds the same kind of crowd. Somehow, I doubt it, but who knows.

Last night I felt warmly welcomed back into the fold. Moreso than Tuesday, even. It was a much busier night, obviously, so there were a lot more dealers in circulation, so it was nice to once again see so many familiar faces, and many of them seemed happy to see me, too. Also I guess they're sprinkling more neophyte dealers into the live mix, because I got a couple compliments from players on what a good job I was doing. So either they had had some poor dealers come by in the past, or maybe they just thought I was new and were trying to encourage me. :) Either way, it was nice to be back.

Even if my schedule remains the same for a while as it was this week, I don't think this kind of work is going to be sustained. Like...the crowds this weekend are certainly somewhere away from the middle of the bell curve, so if things taper off again next weekend, there's going to be a lot less to be happy about from work. But it's still work, so...I can't complain that much. The mechanics of how the money works is sort of weird and complicated, so I won't get into it yet. Maybe in a separate post if I need to. But the bottom line is that I'm pretty sure this weekend is anomalous, and doesn't represent what I can expect for the next couple months. I'll see how things work out next week before I try to work out some projections. But I think I will need to work some out; I've been strongly considering lately whether I need to look for other work. We shall see.

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