Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Out and about

Been doing a lot of running around the past few days. Some of it was Mom-related, but the big deal was making a quick trip up to the ol' stompin' grounds in Brooklyn on Saturday to meet up with my boy Paul before he heads off to China for another few months, as he tends to do from time to time. Paul was one of my cohorts way, way back in the Merrill days, for those of you who remember. We've kept in touch here and there though the years; he's really the only one I'm still in touch with from that excessively corporate time in my life, though neither of us are excessively corporate people. Oh, and he finally has an online presence that I can link to here, but honestly the real goods are here at his travelogue from his last trip to China. Good stuff there.

Anyway, when revisiting the old Brooklyn 'hood, there's really only one choice for dining: the Americana. It was Paul's first trip, and he was duly impressed. I mostly just wanted in it for the nostalgia, and also to get my guest's gullet packed full of good old-fashioned American eats before he shipped out. He really liked the place and wants to go back some day. Another convert! Not much has changed there, I'd say, except they've updated the jukebox selection. Slightly.

Anyway. Back home and sort of back to the routine these days, I guess, whatever that is. I've spent a lot of time with Angela over the last couple days, so I don't guess I've had all that much time to myself. Looking forward to a few days of solitude now. Except! Tonight I have my first on-call night back at work, which should be interesting. By this time, it's been a few weeks since I've been in the box; I hope I remember how it all goes. ;) I'm still of two minds about how much effort I should put in, here. I mean...I'm not getting enough work at this point that it would overshadow unemployment money, frankly, so as far as economic incentives go, there's really not a whole lot motivating me to work. :) And neither the job money nor the unemployment money is a sustainable level of income, so...I'm basically fucked either way. ;) I mean, not real bad. I'm just sayin'...there's not a lot in this formula that makes me want to put in a full day, know what I'm sayin'? :) But I'm sure there are intangibles. It could only be good for me to show up and show willing, and it would be nice just to get back in there to keep the feel going, and also catch up with people at the office again. The cost is fixed: Jitney fare and spending an evening. As always, I guess I'm just going to end up playing it by ear. If they need me, I'll work. If they don't, I'll probably just bail. Still. It'll be nice to slip on the ol' uniform again and pretend I'm a working stiff. And it keeps me just that much further away from going bonkers, so...that's always good.

Oh, and another milestone reached: when I first opened up my account with the electric company here, I had to put down a deposit. Some months back, after a year had elapsed, I guess, my deposit was then credited to my account (with interest, no less!) and my bills have been paid out of that credit since then. I guess the money ran out this month, so I have a whole $1.16 to make up for on my electric bill this month. (Guess I better get crackin' on that job. ;) ) So...sad to see that brief era of free electric coming to an end.

And...guess that's about it. Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later!
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