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Today's random thought: I haven't thought about this in quite a while, but it came to me today that we should totally legalize marijuana. I know that's a position I maintain constantly, but I think now would be a really opportune time. What could be better for the economy than a brand new legit product already intensely publicized and in high demand? Think of the instant revenue streams! Somebody get that to the right people.


I've had a mini-surge of productivity over the last day or so. Last night, in a fit of madness and desire for clean socks, I got a large quantity of clothes finally washed and I cleaned out my entire dirty laundry queue. Yay! Clean socks! My heart's a-flutter. As well as my feet.

Today I fought every hibernating instinct in me and hauled my ass out to the mall. It really was time for a new pair of pants. Strangely, this may have been brought home to me over the recent NYC drinking night when I spilled beer all over myself (as well as on Jammie's bag, which I wasn't aware of until much later; sorry, Jamz!). I mean...the beer wasn't the reason I needed new pants. It just sort of...formed the catalyst necessary for me to get the motivation together to buy new pants. No, I don't really know how that works. The reason I needed new pants was because of the unfortunate loss of structural integrity of these pants in the lower crotch area. Such was the damage that, had I ever been inclined to go commando in these pants, it would have taken nothing more than a gentle sneeze for me to launch my scrotum out into public view. So, pants.

While out, I also managed to pick up new pajama pants for lounging around ones that aren't falling apart and semi-patched back together by me in a substandard fashion. I'm pleased with these new lounging pants. They are Guiness-branded. They're totally covered in Guiness. Which I guess is ironic, since the whole reason I was out buying pants in the first place is that my other pants were totally covered in Guiness.

I also got a jacket. A nice, new, warm winter jacket. My previous jacket was, frankly, no longer any of those things. It's still basically serviceable, though...definitely a good candidate for donation. My new one excites me. It's very thick, and not entirely flexible, and it feels like some kind of body armor, or a space suit. And the hood is excitingly shaped. Also, basically like every other jacket I have ever owned ever, the zipper worked flawlessly when I was trying it out in the store, and now gives me no end of grief when I try to operate it in the field. Fucking zippers! But I don't want this to in any way detract from my enjoyment of my new jacket. I'm used to the zipper thing. My new jacket is boss.

I also ended the beard project today. I basically am just calling the experiment a failure. I'm once again reminded that I just don't have the facial hair growth patterns to support a cool beard. It looked pretty crappy, frankly. And it itched. So away with it. Feels much better now.

So, yeah. Laundry, shower, shave, new pants, new jacket. I feel like a whole new man! Also I made cookies again tonight. That makes me feel like...well, less of a man, I guess, but as a nod toward failedoptimist, they were not snickerdoodles. Also I managed to burn the first batch again, because I am apparently inept. I was even cooking them at a lower temperature this time! Anyway. I believe I have found a new and exciting way to arrange my oven racks for next time that should help, and also I'm going to assume a shorter cooking time, watch those little bastards like a hawk, and trust my nose. When the first batch was baking, at some point I actually said to myself, "Hey, those smell done. But, nah, not enough time has elapsed. I must be wrong." Damn you, recipes! And damn my slavish devotion! But no more, do you hear me? NO MORE! I am now wild and uncontrolled. A rebel. When those cookies smell done, I'm taking them out of the oven. Damn the consequences!

Anyway. Probably meeting up with Momz again tomorrow. Hey, maybe I'll bring her some cookies.

[EDIT: The first time I posted this, I made a very, very, very unfortunate typo. Anyone who guesses what it was wins a cookie. Maybe even a homemade cookie!]
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