Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Some catchup I've been around and about a little bit in the last few days. I met up with Momz a couple times last week, just for dinner and chatting and stuff. I gave her some of the cookies I made, thoughtfully culled from the non-burnt batches. She dug out her own recipe for me for comparison's sake. Also she gave me her cornbread recipe, so I may try that bad boy out next time instead of continuing down the cake-like path upon which I originally started. This whole cooking thing, and by extension the more general domestic leanings of my lifestyle these days, stirs up a lot of cognitive dissonance in me, as this is in no way how I pictured my life being one day. This is not helped by me sitting around swapping recipes with my mother. I am, however, mollified by the fact that this exchange took place in a casino in between poker sessions. Oh, and I even played a little mini-session, myself, before we broke for dinner. I took it easy and played some limit for fun and profit. I may do more soon.

Saturday I swung up to NYC to meet up with drdelirium and jammie718 for drinks. Super fun. :) Jamz already did a great recap, with pics, no less, so I won't delve into it in great detail. I'll just say I had a good time and was happy to have escaped my personal gravity well for a time. The commute wasn't even that bad, though I was all fucked up and bleary-eyed by the time I made it back to A.C., let me tell you. I get extra-burnt whenever I spend a night getting drunk and then sober up before I actually make it to bed. I grabbed a bit of sleep on the bus, then went home and zoned in and out for several hours while listening to some NPR. Unaccountably, I stayed up way too late that night, and then slept the fuck in the next day, Monday, which is my today (even though it's really Tuesday now). I'm not entirely sure what happened. I got up, like, maybe noon-ish, which I considered way too early, but was thinking about getting up anyway. Turns out I didn't, as I somehow ended up back in bed, and then didn't wake up again until like 4 or 4:30. Christ! By the time I really got my day started, it was like already dark outside. I hung out with Angela a bit tonight, but other than that, I really haven't done shit with my day. So it goes. Got the news about work next week, though, which is encouraging. Also rumor has it that January is most likely a go as well, but one step at a time.

Today had a lot of awesome showing up on the ol' Friends Page by way of feeds, so that's always nice. First up, hastur_cultist made a great post over at Gnome Stew called "The 12 RPGs Every Gamer Should Play Before They Die." I've got eight under my belt. :) I'd be pretty jazzed about a chance at any of the remaining four (with Dread taking an early and distant lead). The post make a great list, but also features Martin's fine, fine style of prose, as well. Doesn't hurt that he's also cuttingly incisive. ;) On Rifts: "You know the phrase 'the gold standard,' referring to the best of the best? Rifts defines the turd standard..." On Vampire: "Pick an edition, the fundamentals are the same: You drink blood, you're kind of a dick..." It's funny because it's true.

Next up, if somehow you miss the point of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, you may enjoy John Wick's recent post about his faith in Santa Clause. It's an excellent read. :) Wick appeared to be on quite a "faithless" kick today, also clocking in with the awesome story of The Bravest Man in the World. In short, a professor of Islamic theology (Germany's first), a devout Muslim practitioner himself, basically has come out and stated publicly that his scholarly conclusion is that there may not have actually been any Mohammed. Balls, son. I salute you.

Lastly, it was a pretty fun and wacky day over at Dinosaur comics. Not so much for the comic itself, though it is funny, but for the page on the LJ feed, which included an incredibly bizarre photo posted in the comments, which I will hotlink here for your viewing pleasure under the cut. So, without further ado, if you believe in nothing else...

...believe in this.


Peace, everybody.
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