Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Of course

See, this is how it goes. You finally rouse yourself from your stupor, gather your energies, and manage to make it out of the house -- during regular business hours, no less -- so you can deposit your penultimate paycheck. You then find yourself numbly ratting the locked doors of your neighborhood bank branch for several minutes before your brain engages and you feel that something might be amiss. Strolling around to the other entrance, you find the sign declaring that today is Veterans Day, and so the bank is closed. You sigh, realizing that you'll have to do the same thing again tomorrow. So, fuck it, you go back home to your stupor.

At least the trip wasn't a total loss; I picked up break, milk, and toilet paper while I was out. So dammit, I'm going to enjoy my time, sit home, eat, drink, and wipe my ass. That'll show 'em.
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