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Not much to say

Had a pretty good day yesterday. Just kind of did my thing on my own time, and later met up with jammie718 when she was down my way to see a concert. Before the show, we chilled at this new-ish Mexican restaurant in my neck of the woods that I hadn't been to yet, and we got our ears blasted out by a mariachi band. Plus later some kind of...Mexican crooner? I don't know, man. :) Anyway, the place was a'aight. Nothing special, in my opinion. My antipathy toward Mexican food on the East Coast continues.

At any rate, I saw Jamz off to the concert, which happened to be at my recent ex-employer, so I swung by the ol' poker room and picked up a paycheck waiting for me there. I think I just have one more check to go (at like half-strength) before they stop completely. Also picked up a rumor that there may be some more work available there in a couple weeks, Rumors. Still hopeful for January for the Winter Open, but definitely not counting on much before then.

Then, post-concert, Jamz and I met up again for some coffee and treats at my local Dunkin before she hauled back up to New York. Good times.

Today was poor. Been down all day. Not really sure why, except it's probably starting to really sink in now that I, like, don't have a job. Also came to the conclusion that it would, at this point, probably be remarkably dumb of me to throw myself back into poker at this point. I mean, there's risk averse, and then there's risk averse, know what I'm sayin'? Got in a fight with my ex down here, which isn't that unusual, but always makes me feel bad. Just an overall off day. Capped things off tonight by filing my unemployment insurance claim. Yay?

Anyway. Overall right now: hermiting time.
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