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I am a slacker

I am so bad at sticking with things. :) So my newfangled test run at not requesting short days at work lasted a whole two days before I caved and booked early over the weekend to play poker, instead. I dunno, man. I mean, work is more stable income, which is of course nice, but it's a lot less fun. And over the last few weeks I've been coming to grips with the fact that I came here (to A.C.) for a reason, and that was not to be a dealer, it was to be a player. So spending more time at the poker tables is more in line with my dream life, but it's probably not more in line with my smart life. I dunno, man. I've always been so bad at the smart life. Still. Wouldn't hurt me to be putting in more actual work hours here and there.

There's kinda this other angle, though. Times are tough. Attendance is down, money is tighter, and dealers are basically feeling a pretty big pinch across the board. Dealing is a pretty fluid occupation. At any given time, there is a very specific number of dealers needed to be working. This number varies quite a bit, and if it happens at some point to be less than the number of dealers that have been scheduled to work at that time, then some people just aren't getting paid. Now...I'm not well off by any means. But I'm at least surviving, and the fact is that there are coworkers of mine that need the money a lot more than I do. By taking early days, I'm basically volunteering to be the guy who doesn't get paid when he's not needed. Ideally, if everybody did that, then the money would go to the people who need it, who want to be working. This aspect of the job is actually something I really enjoy about it. It's sort of "efficient" that way, in that if I'm not needed, then, hell...I don't really have to be there, and I can do something else. So...there's that. I'm not playing up the altruistic side of this; I'm still just a fundamentally lazy lump. I'm just saying that there is also a practical upshot to me skipping out on work. Such as it is. :)

Anyhoo. So that's been me lately. Work and poker. A bit of excitement on Thursday, though, as my sister was in the neighborhood to do something Mom- and dog-related, and she swung by A.C. to visit little ol' me. We grabbed some Chinese food and then did some work on her Internet setup, which I guess is coming along. And that's...pretty much it, I guess. Work, poker, Internet, cooking, Buffy, and sleep. That's how I'm rollin' these days.

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