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Real Pirates!

Avast, ye, everybody! Hmm...turns out I don't have a pirate icon. :)

Anyway, today was all about infotainment, my friends. (Dude. "Infotainment" doesn't trip off Firefox's spellchecker. I'm disturbed.) Anyway. This morning I got up early (by my standards, anyway) so I could meet up with Momz, and we headed into Philly to our beloved Franklin Institute, this time to check out their "Real Pirates" exhibit. It was awesome! The exhibit chronicles the story of "Black Sam" Bellamy (no relation to Sid Bellamy, kids), one of the great pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy, and the Whydah, an ex-slave ship that Bellamy captured and turned into a pirate ship.

The story of the Whydah is told because its wreck, off of Cape Cod, was finally ten years ago, quite a long time after its actual sinking in 1717. They brought up all sorts of super-cool artifacts and whatnot and put them on display. (I got to touch pirate treasure today! Pirate treasure! That's, like...fiction. And I touched it.) They tell the story of Sid Sam Bellamy because...well, he was the captain. Also he was awesome.

Anyway, it was a fun time, and a really cool museum exhibit. It's a traveling exhibit put on by National Geographic, so it's not just a Franklin Institute thing. It also happened to be running in the FI over the last Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the two dudes Slappy and Chumbucket were actually there on the day. I, uh, didn't go to that one; I was working. The gift shop had mad copies of their book, though. The, uh, second book. Anyway, I didn't buy any of that. Though I did buy a hat. It's a khaki ball cap with the skull and crossbones. It was just...such a strange yet utilitarian piece of merchandise -- I had to have it. Overpriced museum gift shop stuff, of course, but I got 10% off for being a member. Plus I figure balanced against the hat I bought a while back for a dollar, I guess I'm averaging all right on hat expenditures. Anyway, I'm rambling. Good times!

Incongruously, Momz and I then went out for Chinese food. I dunno...that had nothing to do with our activities for the day. We just like Chinese food.

Anyway...home again. Today's my last day of vacation, so it's back to work tomorrow. I'm a little sad about that, but...whaddaya gonna do. Back to reality. Whatever that is. At any rate, I'm totally burnt. Sleep dep plus a day full of piratey museum goodness. Dudes...I so want to run a pirate game! Won't happen, but still...fucking awesome in my mind. :)

Anyway, that was it. I'm currently vegging out, and I believe I will continue to do so until I collapse into bed. Peace out, pirate people!
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