Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

What I'm doing

Predictably, I haven't been doing a whole hell of a lot with my recent free time. :) This is, in some large part, due to my inherent laziness, but also playing a part is that I somehow managed to fuck up my back recently. I guess it was...Tuesday, but I wasn't even doing anything, just standing around, and I turned or reached out or something, and suddenly something went twang! and I was crippled. I crawled around a little and eventually made it back to the bed-hole where I tried to take it easy for a bit. It was something muscular -- I still don't know exactly what. I spent much of the rest of the day basically in bed-hole whenever possible, trying to find a stress-free position. I was still basically mobile, but I found that when I was walking, the most comfortable position for me to be in was stooped over, so I spent a lot of time shuffling around my apartment bent over like an old man.

What was great, though, was that night. I went to bed still in the thrall of ache, but not, like, in agonizing pain or anything. I eventually fell asleep. During the night, I had a dream. I don't remember most of it, but I know that in the dream, my back was still hurt. As it was finishing up I found and smoked a bowl of magic weed. It was, like purple and orange, I think. Anyway, it got me really nicely high, and also it miraculously cured my back pain. Then I woke up, and my back pain had gone away. Awesome! Sadly, I was not also nicely high, but, hey, I'll take pain-free. :) Yay for magic dream weed!

Anyway, as the day drew on, the pain started to come back, but never very much and never for very long, so I guess I'm on the mend. I spent a good portion of the day grocery shopping and good block of time of the night playing poker. That was yesterday, so that brings me to today, I guess, where I still slip in and out of funky back spasms or something, but I'm generally fine. I met up with Momz this evening for dinner, as she made a trip into A.C. to do some poker-playing of her own. We ate at the casino, and I had burger, which I think threw my GI tract into some kind of shock, as that's more red meat than I've eaten at one sitting in quite a while. My body's just a mess these days, apparently. ;) I played a small amount of poker before dinner waiting for Momz to finish up, but that's about all I got accomplished today outside of computer time. I'm finishing up a second online phase as I wind up this entry, and I'm about off to start another fun time in the kitchen, almost certainly involving cooking beans. God, I have so many beans in my house.

Anyway. Just felt it was time I threw in an entry on the progress of my vacation. Doesn't mean I had anything worth talking about. :) Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later!
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