Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


So, I still get a lot of solicitous mail from various organizations, a holdover from back when I had money and used to give some of it to other people. Recently, the Sierra Club (who's backpack I got for making a donation a while back I'm still using) sent me another request for money and this time included a collection of four postcards, each with a picture of some representative or two of an endangered or once-endangered species. I have a bald eagle, a Florida panther, some wolves, and a grizzly bear. I currently have this collection propped up next to my computer, and as I stare at it and contemplate, I realize, "Hey, that's almost the same collection as the powers on BraveStarr."


The point of all this is: who wants snail mail? :) The first four responders to this post get one postcard from this collection, chosen at random, penned by yours truly with some generic friendly greeting or platitude, plus some factoid or rumination, absolutely free! Act now!

EDIT: Sold out! The postcards are now all spoken for by, coincidentally, four beautiful New York ladies.

EDIT: Still sold out, but one beautiful New York lady has given up her spot for a beautiful Boston lady. Yay beautiful ladies!
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