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Surely slack must be had

Spotted on the BARGE list:

"I'm a fan of [Condoleezza] Rice and would like her to run for, and be elected, President herself someday. I think she is the bright spot in the Administration."

Who...who thinks that?!

Anyway. So, hello again. So I basically woke up early today in an attempt to catch some NPR shows that I, like, never catch any more. That worked out more or less, but I kinda dozed off toward the end of This American Life, so...I just gave it up and am trying to start my day. As a bit of background, it's been really slow at work lately. Like...the last two weeks, I've barely done anything at all. That was a partial motivator for me to take some vacation time, by the way, just because work's seeming like more and more of a waste of time, and at least by taking vacation I'm getting some money for doing nothing, rather than doing nothing and getting no money. Doing nothing, though...always a win. Anyway. Last night, before going in, I had this vision that there would be nothing big happening (again), and I could just take off early and start vacationing right away. How wrong I was! I don't know what happened, but the place was freakin' packed last night, and I actually put in a full shift. I was stunned. Also, through the complexities of our scheduling and pay structures which are too boring to get into at this point, I really didn't make that much money. But, still. No harm done; at least I got some money, and I also got reminded what a full day of work felt like. Right before I stop doing that for a while. :)

Part of the side-effect of things being slow at work is that I have the chance to play more poker. I haven't actually been taking advantage of that as much as I should, unfortunately, although I did manage to make it out there two nights ago on Friday. From a poker standpoint, it was ho-hum, but socially it was a pretty rockin' fun time. People were more or less there to chill and have a good time, rather than sit around all night folding and being surly. So that was nice. In particular, there was one dude at the table there who was like a big movie buff, so the whole table was constantly talking about movies. The dude was actually really irritating to me, and unfortunately was seated directly on my left, but he at least was directing everything in a fun direction, and I think we all had a pretty good time. The people who didn't have a good time...well, we busted them and made them leave. Seriously...that's just how it turned out.

Anyway. The point of all that was that there was a lot of movie discussion going on that night. I learned a couple new things that surprised me. Probably the biggest was how recent Buckaroo Banzai was. Did you know that sucker came out in '84? What the hell! How can a movie be that fucked up and not have been from the seventies?! I's contemporaneous with Ghostbusters! That ain't right!

That's just an aside, though. What really stuck with me was that the dude said he didn't like Tron. I couldn't believe it. I guess...I'm just so used to being around a certain kind of person...the idea of someone not liking Tron was just too bizarre to me. But I thought about it, and I did manage to get my head around it. Like...I can see how, if you're not a nerd, Tron might not be your cup of tea. Oh, but wasn't over. I was completely scandalized when the next thing he mentioned, right on the heels of the Tron thing and completely unprovoked by me...was that he hated The Last Starfighter. SCANDALIZED I SAY! I actually had to get up from the table and walk a few paces after that one. That...that bastard. I'm glad he ended the night on tilt. And I felt absolutely zero remorse when he folded to my every bluff against him. And I'm glad showed them to him, too. GLAD!

Anyway. Better now. Just a shocking dip into that world full of other people. Fucking cretin.

So. Vacation. I don't have hard plans, really; I just want a chance to zone out and take it easy. Which is pretty much like my everyday life, except I'm yearning to do it on a larger scale. I do have certain practical goals in mind, like cleaning the apartment. We'll see if that happens. ;) I...imagine I'll probably be cooking a lot. Also I hope to get a decent amount of poker in. I'll watch more Buffy as it becomes available (now heading into season 4, for those keeping track), I'll probably play more Baten Kaitos, which I started based on gmonger's recommendation and which has now completely taken over my video game brain, I enjoy it so much. I may read. Mostly, frankly, I'm going to enjoy the sensation of not having anywhere to be for a while, which is kind of the point of this whole thing. And so...onward. Smell ya later!
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