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Rob Abrazado

No good deed goes unpunished

So one day recently on my way in to work, I notice as I approach the building that there are a couple ambulances parked outside the employee entrance. Whatever they were there for, the business was apparently concluded before I arrived, as a couple of paramedics were wheeling an (empty, for the record) stretcher out the door just as I was coming in. Being the responsible and helpful citizen I am, I of course held the door open for them and stepped aside so they could proceed out of the building. They promptly wheeled the stretcher out the door and right over my foot. So it goes.

Anyway. Been a strangely busy time in Robland here recently. I think it started off last week, as drdelirium noted, with a little Star Wars DVD marathon. That was awesome fun. It was also my first trip back to New York in FSM-knows-how-long. It was also an adventure in scheduling, since working nights has me living on a cycle at odds with most of the rest of humanity, including not only Del but also bus schedules, so...the next few days were pretty interesting.

What it boiled down to was this: I took an early out from work on Saturday in the (vain, it turns out) hope of coming home, getting to bed early, and getting up early on Sunday for the trip to NYC. Well, I'm crap at adjusting my sleep schedule on the fly, so I didn't get to bed that early, but I still got up early enough to make a decent day trip to New York, so no harm done. I delayed my own departure for about 15 minutes to change buses, as the first bus I got on was so full that my only seating option was all the way in the back wedged between the bathroom and a strange, muttering old man who was also, apparently, a bathroom, or at least had one in his pants. The driver mentioned that the next bus was coming in to pick people up in about 15 minutes, and that he had a lot of space, so if anyone wanted to switch buses... I was already heading out the door before he finished his sentence. So, slightly delayed, off to New York.

I eventually made my way to New York, then more specifically to Staten Island, then more specifically to Del's place. What a grand reunion! I haven't seen her since she and jammie718 came to visit A.C. however long ago that was. I mentioned to her that the best bus to take to her place wasn't running because it was a weekend. I talked a little bit about how it's hard for me to interpret weekends automatically any more, because my personal weekends don't really mesh with what everyone else considers a weekend. You've got to be asking yourself why I mentioned that in this blog entry, but that will become apparent a little later on in the tale.

Anyway, we spent the day hanging out, watching Star Wars movies, eating pizza and strange new candies, delivering cookies, laughing our asses off, and generally having a really splendid time of it. It was an awesome day. After we finished off all the Star Wars we could handle, we spent a little time cooling down and watching stuff on the National Geographic Channel. Soon enough, I had to get moving, though, just to make sure I could make it to a bus back to A.C. without having to spend the morning wandering the streets of New York.

So here's what happened. There was a bus scheduled for 3:30am, which was the last bus out until 6:30am. I was taking the Greyhound casino route, so this is basically the only time during the day that the buses don't run every hour or half-hour. So anyway, I was totally on track to make the bus, and got to Port Authority with time to spare. When I got to the gate, though, everything looked...suspiciously quiet. I tracked down a Greyhound information dude in a little glass booth, and tried to figure out what was going on. It turned out that the 3:30 bus I was looking for was a weekend bus, and not running that day. My brain churned on this for a little while; wasn't this the weekend? No, it turns out. :) See...Sunday is that rare day where my own personal weekend coincides with everybody else's weekend, so that's the day that's flagged in my head as "Weekend For Everybody!" The wee hours of Sunday night, though, are a different story, as it is actually Monday morning. And while that is still firmly weekend territory for me, it is no longer weekend territory for the rest of the world. Bummer.

"Oh, I see. So...the next bus is at six-thirty, then?" I asked Infoman. "No," he replied, "Seven-thirty." "Seven...oh, I see."

Yeah. That 6:30 bus? Also a weekend bus. I suck!

So there I was wandering New York with 4 hours to kill. Now...ordinarily, I don't mind this situation at all. I spent most of my young adulthood killing time in New York, after all. :) But I generally didn't do it at four in the morning on a Monday. I didn't figure any of my compatriots would be awake around now, nor would they appreciate me waking them up in the wee hours, so I looked for something to do on my own. A movie didn't seem like a likely option, and I did bring a book with me, so...well, frankly I ended up passing most of the time at an all-night diner. :) Eventually, though, I made my way back to Port Authority, greeted the weekday bus, and got my tired ass back home to A.C.

Amazingly, Del txted me just as I got home. So I chatted with her briefly, then talked to my mom, as I was supposed to meet up with her later that day. I figured I would probably sleep until then, as I had at that point slept about six hours over the last two days, and half of that on buses. I was just getting to bed when I got another phone call, this from a friend in A.C. that needed my help with something. So I blew another couple hours on that, then went back home again and sacked out for about three hours, then got back up to meet up with my mom. Momz and I grabbed dinner and then we both headed back to her place, as I'm doing some computer-type work for her. I got that done, grabbed another bus back to my house, and finally crashed the long crash.

Or did I? As things turned out, I was awakened early once again on what is by now Tuesday. For various reasons both convoluted and embarrassing which I won't go into, I ended up driving to Philadelphia on Tuesday, spending the day there, and driving back. I bought Pocky. By the time I got back to A.C. on Tuesday night, I was well and truly in a complete daze. I crashed hard.

I've basically spent my time since then working, catching up on my neglected online stuffs, and making up the remainder by wasting as much time as possible, including taking an early out from work yesterday. (I spent some of that extra free time working on the dirtiest photo edit I've ever done in honor of metalepticfit, the result of which some of you have already seen.) Thursday night was interesting at work; I dealt a HOSE tournament, which the poker players among you will understand as being a bit more complicated than usual. Work's been overall slow lately, as we're on the downswing of our seasonal cycle, so that leaves a lot of opportunity for short days. Even so, I've found myself getting more and more tired these days, so for the first time since I started this job, I put in for some vacation. We'll see how that goes.

This being a holiday weekend, I actually do work this Sunday. I'm off on Monday, though, which is Columbus day, so this time my weekend happens to intersect a somewhat holiday. Not sure what that's going to entail, but I imagine not a whole hell of a lot. :) I fell off the non-smoking wagon again, though, so I've got to do that quitting thing again, but otherwise I think things are getting more or less back to normal around here. I hope to make the most of it, basically by making the least of it. Onward!

So there you go. If you made it this far in the entry, congratulations. Or maybe I should apologize; I'm not sure which is more appropriate. :) In any case, though, here's your reward. The only piece of political news I've found remotely interesting. Enjoy! (Yeah, I'd watch it.)
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