Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Forgot about the game

Forgot something. So at some point today I finished this game Indigo Prophecy that I picked up a while back (for PS2). I had been playing it for a little while, and then, as I tend to do, I just sort of stopped playing it and never went back. So...I went back today. Turns out I was way closer to the end than I realized, since the game was over before I knew it.

So, it's done now. And you know? It feels a little flat. At first I was kinda into it. The basic dealie is: you play from the perspective of different characters as you go though the game. The main guy is this dude who, like, gets possessed and kills people. Then you also play these two cops who are trying to catch him. That whole setup was pretty neat, although sometimes bizarre when you'd sometimes play both cops at the same time. Anyway. The thing was much less a game than it was a movie. And, honestly, a lot of times I don't mind stuff like that, as long as the story is good. But this one was kinda all cramped up at the end, and a lot of stuff just didn't make sense or get resolved or anything. I dunno, I walked away a little disappointed.

One of the big problems with this thing was the way in which they gave you the illusion of making choices. Basically things would go like this: you'd encounter another character and have a conversation with them. You'd have this conversation by choosing one of several choices of topics or directions for the conversation to go. Like say you were a cop interviewing a witness. You could choose to ask about: the victim, or the suspect, or her job, or whatever. Like that. Often you could choose multiple times, but all too many times you'd run out of chances, and certain topics might be left undiscussed. That didn't seem to matter much, as nothing really seemed able to stop the game from progressing.

What came up later, though, was that people started referring to stuff that obviously was supposed to have been discussed earlier. Based on the conversational choices I made, though, I never heard about this stuff, so people talking about it totally confused me at first. In a nutshell, there was basically a script outlined of what stuff was supposed to have happened already, but if it didn't, the game just kept right on chugging. Unfortunate. I guess the point might be to go back, play it again, and make all the right choices, but frankly it wasn't that exciting and I don't have the patience for it. :) Maybe someday long hence, after I've let the game sit in the closet for a while and it'll seem fun to play it again. For now, though, blah. It failed to do it for me.

(As a footnote, though, it was also a pretty adult game, which still catches me by surprise these days. But this one had sex. And boobies!)

Also, just while I'm on the topic of games, I've also been playing one of Hitman titles on GameCube. Sadly I seem to have reached a wall, as my current mission keeps crashing my Cube when I reach a certain point. I'm torn between finding another copy of the game, or just giving up on it. We'll see.
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