Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Trying to keep amused

So it turns out I'm pretty much doing nothing today. This afternoon I went out for a walk. I stopped to check out some tourist info sign kinda thing about the history of the jitneys here in Atlantic City, and I noticed that someone had scrawled graffiti on it. Nothing really novel about that, except that on closer inspection, the graffiti turned out to be a MySpace page URL. *sigh* That's progress for ya, I guess. Also, while out on the Boardwalk, I bought myself a hat. For a dollar. I feel unreasonably pleased with that.

Anyway. I'm in serious nicotine withdrawal today, so I decided to skip poker tonight on account of not really having a reliable brain to lean on. Instead I've tried to find various ways to keep idle, which got slightly harder than usual as I recently ran out of Buffy DVDs and am waiting for a refill from Netflix. I took the opportunity to break out this DVD I picked up a little while back of a few episodes of that old Legend of Zelda cartoon.

Holy crap, what a train wreck. :) As much as I am a great fan of the Zelda universe, I'm afraid I'm going to have to rule the whole cartoon thing non-canonical, just for the preservation of my own fanhood, if nothing else. There isn't a single likeable character in that whole damn lineup. Link is a whiny horndog, and Zelda is just a raging bitch. Also she's traded in her usual princess-at-the-ball getup for some kind of...I dunno...thigh-high boots over pink stretch pants? Which leave her distressingly unafraid of showing a little cameltoe, by the way. Even Zelda's dad is a dunderhead, which falls far short of the King of Hyrule's awesomeness in Wind Waker, just for the record. Anyway. Boo on that cartoon.

Redeeming feature, though: the DVD includes a bonus episode, the end credits of which feature that jackass singing the "Do the Mario!" song and, well, doing the Mario. Guess it's been way too long since I've been exposed to that. The next time can probably wait quite a while, too.

Anyhoo...that was it. Just wanted to check in after my nostalgic cartoon experience. Still got a hell of a lot of time to pass while my brain is in open revolt. Onward!
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