Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Storm a-comin'

From a recent e-mail from my mom: "Horrible wind today...saw a gull flying backwards." I don't know about y'all, but I find that pretty disturbing. :)

Anyway. Short-ish day at work today, so I thought maybe I'd get a blog post out there. About time, too. With the passing of Labor Day and the ending of the Borgata Poker Open, we've basically put a button on the summer season around these parts, so I guess I'm more or less back to my slackerific ways. There's not a lot to report from this summer. Aside from almost getting my nipple caught in an oscillating fan, things were fairly uneventful. I actually wasn't nearly as busy as I expected to be. This is both good and bad news. Good in the sense that I wasn't totally swamped and wiped out all the time, but bad in the sense that there wasn't a whole lot of extra money flowing into the coffers. (Though what little exposure to the media I've had informs me that I am far from unique in that these days.) I can't really tell you what all I did with my non-work time. I took a fairly substantial break from the poker tables, so really the only thing left is watching a lot of TV shows on DVDs from Netflix. I did a little video gaming, which at this point has become pretty novel for me, but otherwise...just all that and reading when I got the chance here and there. Ho hum.

Speaking of media... So a while back, I ate enough Kellogg's Raisin Bran and collected enough box tops that I was able to send away for a free movie. I got to select from a whopping five whole titles, so I grabbed a copy of the old Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie from back in the 80s. I actually remember seeing it in the theater, way back when. Seeing it again now...well, wow, it's really kind of a piece of crap. :) (Aside: did you know Hilary Swank was in that? She's one of Buffy's ditzy friends.) Anyhoo. It actually took me quite a while to get around to watching that, but once I did, I figured it was finally time to expose myself to the TV series, which I never got around to watching. So that's what I'm doing now; my Netflix queue is chock full of Buffy. I'm just about to wind up season one. Anyway, that project should keep me busy for a while.

As my bobby_the_worm readers probably already know, I've recently jumped back into some serious poker. A little while back, at some point over the summer, I was looking up something in some old blog entries (I've completely forgotten what, now), and I came across an entry that was mostly about...well, I guess about poker. Like when I was first really thinking about pursuing it seriously. In reading that old entry, I realized I'd kind of let poker stuff slide by the wayside. I'd basically forgotten that that was the whole reason I hauled my ass down to Jersey in the first place. Lately I'd basically just been sitting back and doing nothing but my job, which, while it is my usual M.O., is not the reason I'm here. So I thought it was time to get back on track with the poker stuff, so I'm hoping to hit the tables a hell of a lot more in the future. Happenings in that department can basically be found over in my poker blog.

Other than that, not a whole lot new to report. Life's just...still going, I guess. I'm cooking for myself a lot more these days. Still probably not as much as I should, but definitely more than I was, so that's a step in the right direction. I'm still not any good at it, mind you, but I'm not starving and I'm not going broke, so those are good things. I'm battling cigs again these days. I'm in a kind of week-on, week-off pattern, I guess, at this point. Definitely tough stuff for me, trying to kick it for good.

At any rate. Things are basically holding steady. I'm not gaining much ground in life, but I'm not losing it, either. Partially I haven't been blogging for lack of time, but also partially I just haven't had much to talk about. So it goes.

Peace out, party people. Smell ya later!
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