Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


I am currently enjoying my first cup of coffee in months. It is delicious, and it makes me happy. I don't know why I was motivated to enjoy it while I happen to be so freakin' hot, but, well, there ya go. I'm odd. But also my brain is starting to hum a little. Been a long time with no caffeine.

Anyhoo. So I've finally gotten around to making the library part of my routine. I've found the experience oddly frustrating, actually, as the local library doesn't have that great a selection, especially in the sci-fi department, but I'm doing all right. One thing that's irking me is finding only portions of a series available instead of the whole series. What I've taken to doing is finding the missing pieces out on the Internet for cheap and buying them, and then I figure when I'm done I'll donate them to the library, since I don't particularly want to keep my own partial series collections floating around. :) Hopefully the library'll keep 'em floating around and thereby round out their series collections. One can hope.

Many of you know that I lug around with me a sizable collection of Discworld novels. Many of you also know that I tend to dig them out and reread them every so often. In doing so, it has often slipped my mind that there are other Discworld novels. You know, like...ones I don't own. :) So, happily the library's collection of Discworld novels nicely complements my own, so I've been using the library to catch up on Discworld happenings. I just recently finished Thud!, wherein Pratchett introduced group of creatures called...vurms! Yay us! :)

Anyway. Not much happening around here. Tomorrow I head back to work after my extended absence. I hope I still have a job. Well, I kinda hope that. I'm feeling more or less back to normal. Well...I'm not projecting untoward mucus out of my head openings any more, anyway. Well, much. So I guess heading back to work won't be a big problem. And I get to ease my way back in by doing tournament the next couple days, anyway, so...we'll see how it goes. Just the same ol' stuff, I guess. The Poker Open is coming up couple weeks, I think, so that's going to be a busy time, unfortunately. It will also basically mark the end of the summer season, though, so...hopefully things will taper off a bit after that. We shall see.

Peace out, everybody. Smell ya later.
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