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Entertainment grab bag

As you may or may not know, Netflix shipping has been borked lately, so sadly I ended up taking ill during a Netflix drought.1 Contrary to my normal while-sick M.O., though, yesterday I did actually leave the house to swing by the library, so I took the opportunity to not only replenish my book supply, but also to pop in the local Game Stop to see about used DVDs. They have an astounding deal there: by two, get three free, so I picked up five new (used) movies.

Now...part of the adventure of this mode of buying DVDs is that often I have to make do without the original box (and accompanying cover art/copy). Usually this doesn't pose a problem, since I'm generally at least passingly familiar with a DVD before buying it, even cheap and used. This time around, though, I picked up something billed as "The Ultimate Bruce Lee Collection" in a generic used DVD case. Now, let me be clear here. I knew at some level not to expect that much. I was just one DVD -- how "ultimate" of a collection could it be? Nevertheless, can any Bruce Lee collection be a bad Bruce Lee collection? So onto the stack it went.

At this point, you can probably imagine (though may not be surprised by) my disappointment when I got the thing home and it turned out to be a "collection" (double-feature, actually) of movies not featuring Bruce Lee, but Bruce Li, that so celebrated Bruce Lee clone. (Not to be confused with Bruce Le, by the way.) So I spent at least part of last night in a fevered near-delirium watching a couple crappy, second-rate seventies Hong Kong Brucesploitation movies. I got treated to Fists of Bruce Lee, which was sadly pretty much a total snooze, and Image of Bruce Lee, which was not a total loss, since it featured naked boobies and Bolo Yeung. Even naked boobies that weren't Bolo Yeung's, which is amazing in and of itself. The DVD itself also threw me a little extra bonus by having some mad old commercials on there, which was nice of them. Mostly seventies, but there was a Christmas Seals ad on there with John Wayne from, like, I think the fifties. Plus it had cartoons!

As a total aside, while tooling around the web trying to learn more about my Bruce Lee knockoffs, I came across a total gem called The Dragon Lives Again. Just check out the Wikipedia entry. There is no way this movie can be bad. From the article's summary:
...The soul of Bruce Lee (played by Bruce Leung Siu-lung) goes to the Underworld. The deceased Lee meets a number of pop-culture icons, including Dracula, James Bond, Zatoichi, Clint Eastwood, The Godfather, The Exorcist, and even 1970s soft-porn character Emmanuelle. Lee befriends The One-Armed Swordsman, Caine from TV's Kung Fu, and Popeye.

Damn. Just...damn.

Anyway. So here I am today, just kind of trying to determine where my head's at. I am sorely tempted to call out of work again today. I'm largely feeling better, so calling out would probably be both stupid and unnecessary, but it would really be satisfying. I'm also, thanks to this recent cinematic misadventure, also experiencing an acute craving for Bruce Lee movies. The real deal, I mean. I don't guess there's really anything I can do about that, unfortunately, but...well, there ya go. Sometimes you don't know you want something until you almost get it.

Peace, everybody!

1Also, lately my Netflix usage has been devoted solely to catching up on TV shows on DVD. As of today, Netflix is saying that their shipping problems have been fixed, and they're sending out delayed shipments today. Unfortunately, according to the information on my queue page, they fucked up my queue and are sending me stuff in some kind of whack out-of-order formation. Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind that at all, but currently that's a giant pain in the ass because I'm watching TV shows and need the DVDs in order! Damn it, Netflix!
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