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Life just of late

So, it comes to this. Lately I've been feeling pretty sick and tired of not blogging. I figured the best way to address this would be to sit down and blog something. But nothing really noteworthy seems to crop up here in my neck of the woods, so I never really get around to sitting down and blogging something, because nothing seems worthwhile to blog about. But I've had a relatively (for me, anyway) full dance card lately, so I figured this was a good time to get restarted.

Sorry, am I being incoherent? It's possible. There's a reason for that, but more on that later.

So, as noted, it was my birthday recently. About a week ago, actually...last Wednesday. On Friday my mom and sister came to visit me, and we went out and grabbed a bite at a nice Chinese restaurant near my apartment, so that was swell. We did a small amount of hanging out afterward, but I had to go to work that night, so I had to cut it a little bit short. My mom went back to hang out in the casino, I believe, and my sister drove back home, or thereabouts, and I went about my work day.

The next day, Saturday, I don't think anything particularly came up, but I was dragging around tired from the previous day, and then I had so much trouble getting a Jitney ride to work that I was afraid I was going to be late, so I snagged a cab, instead. Then work that night turned out to be a huge deal, and I worked a couple hours overtime. I was super tired after work that day, and then once I got home I completely failed to get a good night's sleep. I'm still not entirely sure why, but I think the temperature had something to do with it, and it's also possible I had some kind of wacky indigestion. At any rate, so I was not in proper working order on Sunday, which probably showed when I was fielding phone calls from various peoples from back in New York threatening to come visit me on Monday. Cool!

So Monday rolled around, and Atlantic City was treated to an invasion of some good ol' crew. Rigel's back in town, as most of you know by now, and he, gmonger, failedoptimist, stephantravels, and Calin all dropped by to come hang out. I always feel vaguely uncomfortable when people come to visit A.C. and aren't there to gamble. Like...besides casinos, I don't really feel that this place has a whole lot to offer. :) Nevertheless, we all managed to make a day of it, mostly by drinking a lot.

That crowd ambled into town and wandered in the general vicinity of the Trop while waiting for me to roll out of my apartment. I ended up catching up with them at a nearby arcade on the Boardwalk, where we hung around and played games for a while. Stephan cashed in his prize tickets and picked up a bunch of matching temporary tattoos, as well as a collection of some sort of tiny plastic dogs mounted on magnets. We all got a piece of that action. We were all going to temporary tattoo ourselves, but Calin used his up early on while we left the Boardwalk in search of an ATM for him. After completing that mission at a nearby 7-11, we ended up heading back to Trop. We played some penny slots. Then everyone sat down to some blackjack, except for Calin, who wondered off on his own to drink beer. I showed off my immense gambling prowess by losing a shitload of money. Others fared better.

After that, we ended up at Hooters. Yeah, I don't know, either. Anyway, it was during this phase of the trip that we all decided to tattoo ourselves, except for Calin, who had already wasted his tattoo. Also except for me, it turned out, as I showed off my immense temporary tattoo prowess by completely failing to tattoo myself. It was then decided that we should head back to that arcade so we could win a couple more tattoos.

Back to the arcade. More tattoos were secured, plus I picked up four tiny toy rings with my excess tickets. Rigel set his mind to winning enough prize credits for a novelty coffee mug. I contributed to the effort with whatever quarters I had left, but he hardly needed my help; Rigel rules those machines that push piles of quarters off shelves. Anyway, he reached his goal, got his mug (plus an American flag decal with his overflow), and we wandered off again.

At this time the previous drinking stint was wearing off, so we headed to a local bar I favor called "Tony's." On the way, the group decided that, rather that return to New York that night, they'd stay the night in A.C. so that everyone could drink and there would be less time pressure, so a hotel room was procured. Then we all went to Tony's. This is where the serious drinking happened, I'd say. Anyway, I finally successfully tattooed myself, Calin applied his replacement tattoo to his forehead turning himself into a sort of disturbing facsimile of Charles Manson, and we all kicked back and hung out for a while. And drank. At some point I gave one of my arcade rings to the bartender to show my appreciation.

Eventually people started making noises about wanting to see boobs, so we left Tony's in search of strip clubs. I know of a couple nearby, so we struck out in that general direction. On the way, a third was pointed out to us by a helpful hawker. Two failed to pass muster with the resident experts on the matter, but the third was deemed acceptable, so I left the group to go on with their bad selves, while I stumbled off on my own. I believe at this point that Calin also split off from the group. Strip clubs aren't my scene, so for my own part, I wandered back to Tony's and had a few more drinks. Eventually, Stephan called me and notified me that they left and were on their way back. Some people were going to crash and go to the hotel room, but those who wanted to keep hangiong out were going to continue on to Tony's and meet up with me. As it transpired, only Scott made it as far as Tony's, so the two of us knocked back another drink or two and talked into the night.

At this point I should mention that I really, really don't do much drinking any more. I was so incredibly sleepy at this point that by the time I bid Scott farewell for the night, I was going to consider myself lucky if I made it home all right. Which I did, by the way. I got back to my place and crashed out. For about an hour. Then I was jerked to wakefulness by a body in open revolt in response to the day's libations. What's unfortunate is that during the course of the day, I never got that drunk. Like I was feeling it, but I didn't reach the point of sloppy unreality that I guess I was shooting for. That said, the aftermath was just as bad as if I had reached that level of intoxication, so all in all I feel I got short shrift by spending half the rest of my night being violently ill every 45 minutes. Unfortunate.

Anyway, so that brings me to today, which I have spent not doing much of anything except recovering. My favorite thing, of course, after a night of chemical self-abuse, is a nice greasy diner breakfast. I tried to simulate the experience at home, which I guess worked out well enough. I've basically just been catching up on my online stuff today, and that's about it. Whee.

So today I'm doing all right. I'm not completely tuckered out, but I am running on reduced power, though, so I don't mind spending time just sitting on my ass and chilling, let me tell you. The visit was really fun; as always, events like these always serve to remind me just how special my relationships are with people like these. Also...somewhat disturbing to me were our physical likenesses. I mean...if you know us, picture myself, Rigel, Scott, Stephan, and Gareth all together. Then tell me that doesn't look like some kind of fucked up Corpulent Hairy Guy Convention. I mean, Jesus! Especially now that Rigel is sporting his child molester mustache. But that aside, it was nice to spend time with the like-minded again, having interaction with what I only semi-jokingly call "real" people, something I don't get a lot out my way.

Aaaaanyway. So that was good times. I'd like more of them. I'm going to see what I can do about that. But for now, I'm going to slip back into the semi-comatose zombie-like state that feels more natural for me today. Peace.

EDIT: Mildly troubling: I know I was supposed to remember four things from yesterday. And I can only remember three of them. Dammit!
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