Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


So back when I moved to this apartment, when I signed up for electricity I put down a deposit, which I promptly completely forgot about. I guess I've been here a year now, because as of the bill I just opened, the deposit has been applied (with interest) against my electric company account. Now I have like six months of electric for free. Neat!

On a somewhat related note, I just recently finally got my economic stimulus check in the mail. Contrary to the implications of a recent post, I will not be spending this money on prostitutes. Part of me just wants to throw the whole thing directly against a credit card bill, since it's just kind of found money and can be neatly excised from my usual financial planning. Another part of me wants to throw it into that nebulous money hole marked "poker bankroll." Yet a third part of me is disappointed in the other parts of me for even maintaining a poker bankroll when I have credit cards to pay, but whatever. :) In any case, it appears it's not going to be used to in any way stimulate the economy. So it goes.
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