Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

A strange feeling

Oddly, I'm actually kinda looking forward to going to work today. I think it's because it's my Friday, and it's the end of what's felt like a long and annoying week. Also yesterday and today sort of make up one long day, as I had a late start last night (which went into overtime, no less) and an early one today, which basically just gave me time to come home and sleep. Uh, and...write this blog entry? :)'s also the last day I'm scheduled to work the Summer Open, which has been going on for the last couple weeks and which should wrap up in the next few days. Regardless, I'm looking forward to ending this day and zoning out. Word.

* * *

Bonus: Just ganked from Neil Gaiman's blog: The Door to Hell. (It's in Uzbekistan.)

Extra bonus: Read the flavor text. Here's a telling factoid: the Door to Hell was created by Man.
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