Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Not dead yet

But still busy busy. This'll just be a brief update to cover recent events, since I'm kinda running out of steam at this point, but things have been hopping around here lately. Well, moreso than usual, anyway. Sunday I mostly spent with Momz just doing general hanging out as an ostensible Mothers Day celebration, but really it was just general hanging out. :) While she did come into A.C. early in the day, we actually made it back to the old homestead to finish things off, after which I trudged back home to A.C. and got immensely wet thanks to the storm that passed through.

I then got to spend a couple days in the company of one panyang who graciously came down to visit me one more time before she flees the continent again. Much lounging was had, which still encompassed just as much movie-watching as last time, although this time we also managed to throw in a good amount of video gaming, so that's always good. It was, as always, a nice time, and I'm glad we got to spend more time together before she ships out again.

My work schedule for the next couple weeks is busier than usual. I'm feeling more and more like I'm getting back to normal these days, health-wise, so I'm going to see how the extra work treats me. And, uh, I guess that's pretty much it around here. I'm on a continuing hiatus from poker for a little while these days. I've missed a lot of work lately, and I may or may not be moving to a new apartment soon, so it's time to buckle down in the finance department for a bit. Otherwise...I guess it's more or less back to business as usual. More news as it becomes available. Peace!
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