Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Three things of note

1. You know Captain Stottlemeyer? Monk's boss? He's Buffalo Bill the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs. Just found that out. Damn, man!

2. As of last night, I have finally finished the last of that last batch of beans. Yeah, the one I made like a week ago. Maybe next time I won't use the whole freakin' pound of beans.

3. I got my bloodwork results back today and medical science informs me that I am in awesome health. Shows what they know. The doc still thinks I should see a shrink. Doubtful. But, armed with this new information, and trying to feed off the chirpy optimism that she used to send me away from the medical center, I'll see if an attitude adjustment will stop my arteries from exploding and blowing out my chest cavity like a gore-filled piñata. Hey, that reminds me...happy Cinco de Mayo, everybody!
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