Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Yesterday was a pretty good day

Mostly in that I went pretty much the whole day without any major troubling episodes. No palpitations, no dizzy spells, no blood pressure spikes as far as I could tell. Nothing to suggest to me that death is just around the corner. So I hope that means I'm on the road to recovery. That would be nice enough on its own, but it appears I'm also more or less on schedule to feeling perfectly fine by the time I have to go back for my test results in a few days, in accordance with whatever law governs getting better when the doctor examines you, as well as computer problems disappearing when you get someone else to help you fix them. In any case, I do hope this means I'm coming out of whatever this was.

Pretty please.

Anyway, it hasn't all been ice cream and pie, I'm sad to report. Yesterday, while I was heating something up in the microwave, one of my bowls self-destructed and cracked itself open. I know it's my own fault for buying cheap shit, but come on, bowl! I'm just tryin' to heat stuff up! Help a brother out. Anyway...we'll see how long it takes me to get my bowl supply back up. This is the second piece of dishware in a year that I've managed to destroy in this place. Hmm...and both times involved the microwave. Maybe it's the microwave. ;) Still my own fault for buying cheap shit. ;)
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