Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


I made something. It's pretty much just beans. It's got some extra shit thrown in there as per suggestions on the package of beans that I bought, but basically I bought some dried beans, soaked 'em, and cooked 'em up. The result is astoundingly bland. Which I guess is good, to the extent that a bland diet is one I consider unlikely to cause me any health aggravation. But I fucking did it. I cooked it, I served it over rice, I put some hot sauce on it, and I ate it. And I have a lot more of it left, so I'll be eating it again later. Probably several more times. It's an amazingly inexpensive way to live, by the way.

I'm experiencing a bizarre mix of emotions. I guess I'm kinda pleased that I got through this whole bean-cooking experience. I'm sad that the results are so unexciting, but what the fuck -- it's certainly enough to keep my stomach full. I had an unexpected run-in last night with someone I guess I thought of as no longer a factor in my life, but...well, there's turmoil there, I suppose. I'm kind of angry. No particular reason for that, I guess, but I'm somehow just low-grade pissed that things seem to be a bit fucked up right now. I'm definitely succumbing to some kind of the-rest-of-my-life-isn't-looking-too-rosy malaise, plus paradoxically I'm trying to stave off the irrational fear that I'm going to drop dead soon. Overall I feel crappy. Which is unfortunate, because I was feeling a lot better yesterday. So, I dunno. Life goes on.

Anyway, just forget you read this blog post. In exchange, read this funny Onion article, instead: Atlantic City Cocktail Waitress Crowned In Mistress USA Pageant. I dunno why, really...I just found it really funny. Plus it mentions Adam Carolla.
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