Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Another visit, another update

In brief, I got a chance to chill with and catch up with gmonger and fiendess this past "weekend," and it was awesome. Unfortunately, I have not been feeling awesome lately, and so I'm afraid I may have been a little bit out of it during that visit. Also, the end of their visit coincided with the start of my work week, which was yesterday. Turns out I never made it. Or rather, I made it, but I didn't actually work.

So at this point, to gmonger and fiendess, I'm sorry for that hit-and-run goodbye I perpetrated on Wednesday, but I was all fucked up that day. To everybody else, I was all fucked up on Wednesday -- so much so that I swung by the "school nurse" kinda setup at work before I got on shift, and he sent me home with the troubling, yet not completely surprising, news that my blood pressure was a little bit on the scary high side and that I should go home and lie down and see a doctor the next day. Well, the next day was today, so I went to see a doctor, and everything seems fine. Okay. I don't feel fine, but at least the medical instruments are no longer informing me that I may rupture an artery at any moment, so that at least is comforting.

So here I am. I'm going back to the doctor's tomorrow to get some lab work done. I am likely taking a few days off of work, perhaps even the whole week. I can't decide, if I feel like something's wrong with me, if it's better to not know what's wrong with me, or to be told there's nothing wrong with me. Both are troubling. In any case, let it be known: I am no longer young and invincible. Will post again later. Probably after tomorrow's appointment, but at least after I finish catching up on all this LJ I missed.

P.S. My physician's assistant today was really cute. I love that!
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