Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

What's in a name

Today's word of the day is abulia, which means "loss or impairment of the ability to act or make decisions." What an awesome word! It also just sounds good. Abulia. Abulia. I think it makes a great name. Probably the one I'll use for my second-born daughter.

In other news, I've made it to another "weekend." Work was jumpin' last night; I barely escaped overtime. I'm also wondering whether I'm doing an adequate job keeping myself entertained these days. Last night while on a break, I was catching some late-night show on the TV in the break room while I was wolfing down a prefab ham and cheese sandwich. I seemed to be watching a segment in which the host of the show runs around on the street with a camera and mic and harasses people on the street for entertaining purposes. One of these bits featured the host botching a magic trick prank and accidentally destroying somebody's cell phone. For some reason, I found this so incredibly funny that, much to my embarrassment, I guffawed and actually spit out food. Guess I need to get out more, or something.

And in further work-related news, because I like the little things, the last couple days I've narrowly escaped doing time at my most feared games. of the things I like most about this job is the low stress level. It's fairly easy for me to be competent at this work. That said, like everything, there are good and bad times, and as not-bad as the bad times are, I still like to avoid them. For me, the bad times includes a couple particular games that get spread, just because they're that much more hassle to deal with, and also they have a higher tendency to attract a certain type of dealer-unfriendly player. But, whatever, just goes with the territory. Anyway, one of the biggest stress-inducers for me is the high-stakes rotation game. Both last night and the night before I was slated to deal that game, but in both cases the game broke before I got there. Like, right before I got there. Sure, I lose money for sitting there not doing anything for that time, but like I said before, for me it's worth it just to avoid the aggravation. I consider myself lucky when I dodge that particular bullet. (Though one I didn't dodge last night is the pot-limit Omaha. Argh! But, that's fine...I'll take it.)

Anyhoo. Now with both tax and work behind me, I'm off to enjoy my days off. Maybe I'll even get some poker in. Can't wait. Peace!
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