Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


I'm mad sick, yo. Especially troubling is that I have been so for the last two days, but I had to drag into work anyway. That sucked. Currently I'm hoping to just hole up and hibernate until this blows over (yay, three-day weekend), but I dunno how long that's actually going to last. The holing up, I mean, not the blowing over. I'm also in the midst of an unfortunate Netflix lull, but whatever. Brain fuzzy. Thought processes a bit disjointed. Testicles...rising.

No, wait. That last one was from a movie.

Anyway. Wtf, man...I haven't posted since Easter? Wow. Ohhhhh, yeah. I had that crazy work schedule the last couple weeks. Okay, I think that's over now. Back to normal? Ish?

Peace out, party peoples.
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