Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Busy busy

These couple weeks are turning out to be pretty busy for me. I have extra work this week for the holiday (I always get extra work over holiday weekends), and I also picked up an extra shift next week after Easter, so my work schedule includes 10 of 11 days. I've got a five-and-five with a day off in between. So nothing back-breaking -- just more than I bargain for in a "part time" gig, know what I'm sayin'? :) So not a lot of free time these days for poker and blogging and stuff. But still. Managing to chill a bit this afternoon before my shift tonight.

Anyway. Big news is I got to hang out and chill with jammie718 and some of her people yesterday. It was big fun. :) Their main thing in coming down to A.C. was hitting a poker tournament, so I joined them for that, which was cool. I didn't win anything, but I outlasted the newbies, anyway. :) Sadly I did not have the foresight (or predatory instinct) to set up a last-longer bet beforehand, but it's all good. After everyone had enough post-tournament chatting and beer, we headed out for burgers, tossed a few coins down the slots, and then they headed back to the City while I headed back home to ponder the possibility of a nap before work.

Work turned out to be pretty lame, actually, though not in the way I expected. I thought the place would be jumping. On the commute, I encountered way more people than is normal, and there was definitely a party mood afoot. I figured the poker room would be packed and annoying, even for a Friday. Holiday weekends do that. (Which is why I end up with extra shifts, by the way.) But upon arriving at work, I found things to be much more normal than I expected. Even less than normal, actually. I started the day being pulled from my normal rotation to deal a sit-and-go, which is definitely unusual, and then when I was put back into cash games, things were just slow. And dry, dry, dry. Which is how we say in the industry that people weren't tipping for shit. ;) It can happen to anyone...sometimes you just hit a bad string of tables. But I got similar complaints from several other dealers; I guess yesterday just didn't bring out a generous crowd. The one good thing about my shift was that I wasn't stuck with any annoying games. When I started my cash game strings, I noticed I was destined for an irritating game. Luckily, though, it broke before I got there. Whee. :) While it's definitely suboptimal to be sitting on a dead table doing nothing (and making no money), in my personal world it's worth the loss in tips just to not have to sit there for a half hour and get berated and harangued by wound-up rich people. I'll eat the five-dollar loss or however much they were going to tip me for that time. In any case, like I said, things were slow, and I had requested an early out anyway, so I got booted two hours early, went home, and crashed. Work was already fading from my mind as just a chore I had to do; the real score was hanging out with Jamz yesterday. Good times!

Anyway. More shifts a-comin', and I'm really curious to see what the crowd will be like tomorrow night on Easter. I can't imagine there will be much more turnout that a usual Sunday, so maybe I'll have a short day then, too. In any case, I don't see too much poker in my immediate future; maybe I can squeeze in a session on Monday, but it'll depend how wiped out I feel. I really don't know what I do with all my downtime, but man I sure miss it when it's gone. I'm sure the idea of work is more tiring than the work itself. But even so...still makes me tired. :) Peace!
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