Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Thought or not?

Today I went shopping. Clothes shopping, no less. That's never fun for me. To make matters worse, I went through the extra trouble of getting up at a "reasonable hour" just to make sure I'd have enough time to navigate the buses and make it to the mall before everything was closed. This is really the only situation that makes me regret being on swing shift, by the way...having to rush around before things close. Anyway...I'd call the excursion a success. I picked up the stuff I needed with a minimum of hassle, and I swung by the food court's Taco Bell for some nachos and junk. Not a bad way to spend the day, even if it was through a haze of sleep dep. I decided to walk home from the bus station once I got back to Atlantic City, since the weather wasn't too bad outside and it's not a bad stroll.

I like walking. It gives me a good opportunity to let my mind wander, and yet I can feel as if I'm not completely wasting time. Nothing particularly noteworthy crossed my mind for most of the walk home, but as I turned the corner onto my street from the main drag, I started to reflect on how familiar sights get relegated to the background of our consciousness.

For instance, I realized I never really noticed before that the corner of my curb is actually paved in red brick, rather than the more standard grey concrete slabs that make up the rest of the sidewalk. The effect was actually kind of striking; I was surprised I'd failed to notice it until now. Pondering that, I started making an effort to take in the details around me. Was this fence always green? Maybe it's been freshly seems a lot brighter than I ever remember it being. And my long since I've been to that little grocery on the corner? Has it actually closed down? Holy crap! Wait a second...wasn't this parking lot further up the street?


I appear to have turned down the wrong corner. I live the next block over.

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