Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Wasted word

Today's word of the day is "bedizen," which means "To dress or adorn in gaudy manner." What a crock! I wasn't familiar with the word before, so upon seeing it, I thought of "denizen" (and later, "citizen"), and so I immediately assumed "bedizen" meant "someone who lived in a bed." I feel this is a far superior definition. "Bedizen," though, stresses the second syllable and has a long "i" there. So if I heard the word before I saw it, I wouldn't be so taken aback. But seeing it written...I mean, come on! How can it not mean someone who lives in a bed! Stupid English.

One has to wonder, too, if I would have had such expectations if I'd never been exposed to the word "netizen."

Anyway. Happy Pi Day, everybody! Smell ya later!
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