Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Ben Franklin is the man

So I've been feeling lately that I should really try to get back into this blogging game. I kind of miss having semi-regular outlets for writing stuff, and it's also starting to settle into my brain that I'm basically really out of touch with people. The biggest obstacle to my blogging of late (besides my inherent laziness) is that I really don't get up to anything interesting any more, and so feel pretty uninspired to write entries, but luckily I broke a bit out of the routine yesterday and actually had a family outing.

My mom, my sister, and I spent a day out visiting the Franklin Institute, a neato science museum out in Philadelphia that we literally haven't visited since my sister and I were kids. It's a fun place; geared mostly toward the younger set, it features all sorts of little science exhibits and jazz with demonstrations and a lot of hands-on stuff you can play with to further interest and excitement in sciencey things. I got sparked with the desire to go after I saw an ad somewhere that they were running an exhibit about identity: physical, psychological, and social attributes that make up our idea of "self." Pretty neat stuff! I got to play with fingerprints and brain scans and learn about DNA and environment and things that form humans. Good times! We also tooled around much of the rest of the place, including visiting one of their most famed and favored exhibits, the Giant Heart. You get to wander through this big-ass model of a heart, following the route traveled by blood as gets moved around through the body and passed by the lungs for oxygenation. My sister loves the Giant Heart. Originally I also wanted to spend some time at the planetarium, but we didn't get a chance on this visit. Still, I got myself a membership, so hopefully I can get back there again sometime soon and give that a go.

One thing I did that fouled myself up was not plan well as far as sleep went. See...various scheduling concerns made this be a day trip, and whereas I'm normally a night person now anyway, it's been made that much worse by events last week (which culminated in a long late shift on Saturday that covered the Daylight Saving Time shift, which ended up with me greeting Sunday morning somewhere past 6pm). So the way things shook out, I ended up going on this museum trip without having slept the day (or night) before, and so I was in a serious haze for most of the time. By the afternoon, after my sister had already had to take off to head back to North Jersey, my mom and I both realized that I trip to the planetarium would only result in a nap for me, so we headed out not too long after that. But not before breezing through the museum store, at which I picked up a t-shirt for myself, the first one I've purchased in quite a while. In thinking back, I think I probably haven't bought myself a new t-shirt since that Filipino culture fair I went to with Steph like a million years ago. So, shirt. Anyway, it was all good times. Sleepy times, but good times. The Institute will be running an exhibit about pirates in a couple months. That'll be a fun thing to head back to. Especially since the exhibit running dates happen to cover Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrrr!

Anyhoo. As mentioned, last week was faintly crazy. For reasons still not yet clear to me, it was really busy at work over the weekend. I put in a lot more hours than I'm used to, which is still nothing like working at a "real" job, but it's more than I generally bargain for when the words "part time" appear in my job description. Tiredness aside, it's not a bad thing; it at least means a little more money in my pocket. But between that and the day trip on Tuesday, my schedule's been shot all to hell. Just in time for me to get back to work again today, though hopefully that'll let me reset things to get back to "normal" for my heavy work over the weekend.

I didn't get much done over my days off, and I'm not even really sure why. I didn't even make it out to the poker tables, which is unusual for my habits of late. Some months ago, it wouldn't have been a weird thing, but lately I've been able to spend some time playing again semi-regularly...just not this past week. It's okay...breaks are good.

I don't think I made an official blog entry about this, but some time ago I finally got around to signing up for Netflix, which has been a good thing for me to do. The monthly fee is worth is just to stop me from impulse-buying whatever used DVDs I happen to come across in my travels. I mention this now only to set up that recently I got on a real Ghostbusters kick. Also a Real Ghostbusters kick, as I was pleased to see that Netflix had a few DVDs collecting some old episodes from that cartoon. Cool! I found the experience of watching them quite pleasing. A lot of nostalgia there, but also just some genuine enjoyment; the Ghostbusters universe is quite a fun one.

Anyway. I guess that's about it for now. I'm not sure I'll really have much blogworthy going on in the near future, but I at least wanted to break the ice and try to get back in the habit, if not just get an actual update post up without worrying about it too much. I'd also like to get bobby_the_worm running again, since its lain dormant for quite some time (as has my poker game, for the most part), and I'd like to start attacking cards more seriously again. So we'll see how things shake out in the near future. Hope things are swimming along for the rest of you. Smell ya later!
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