Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

A number of omens

Strange stuff is going down. At the end of my shift last night (this morning, to you normal humans), I was grabbing a bite at the work cafeteria and somehow managed to cut the palm of my hand on the handle of my fork. Still unclear as to how that happened; the cut is definitely small, but was enough to draw blood. Odd. Then, after I left, I took the jitney home from work. The jitney is kind of like a small school bus that basically fills the function of a city bus in Atlantic City, except it's not run by the city and it's actually useful. Anyway, on the jitney-ride home, one of the jitney's windows, for no apparent reason, fell out of the bus and shattered on the street as we were tooling down the street. Everyone was surprised. Finally, on the short walk between the jitney stop and my apartment, lying on the street was a dead and basically fully intact raccoon. Fully intact in that it didn't have any visible outward trauma, except that it was lying in a pool of blood apparently issued from its mouth. Whether or not related, it also appeared to be in the company of a significant quantity of broken mirror. And I mean big chunks of mirror, not like car mirror fragments. All in all, sort of a strange cap on the day. My mother's theory is that I've angered the Spirit of the Equinox by not believing in the equinox egg-balancing thing. Not too sure about that. But what I am sure about is that the landlords are renting out the apartment downstairs and chose today to do a lot of construction and arguing, both of which were quite noisy. This is unfortunate for someone who went to bed at 8am. So not a lot of sleep happened for me today. Equally unfortunate is I have to work a really late shift again tonight to herald in the first of Borgata's new almost-midnight poker tournaments. Swing shift masquerading as grave shift...not my favorite setup in the world.

Aaaaanyway. It's simmering in my mind to get back to the blogging thing, and I had planned to do so when I had some free time after the Poker Open was finished, which was a grand work-a-thon for Borgata dealers over the last couple weeks. Well, the Open is finished, and I do have some free time coming up, but now it's been earmarked to hang with my sister for a couple days, and I doubt I'll be LJing during that time. Then it's back to work for a little while, so the great blogging return may be postponed another week or so. In any case, though, just wanted to jot down my recent encounters with weirdnesses. Hope you're all doing well, and I'll try and catch up again later on. Peace!
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