Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The good, the bad, and me

It's funny how things work out sometimes. The weather's getting hot enough that I don't feel like bringing a jacket to work any more. Well, not a jacket, really...usually just a hoodie. And truthfully the weather's been that hot for a while, but working nights usually means bringing a jacket even if the weather is warm, because by the time I get out of work in the wee hours, the weather has cooled off considerably. Lately, though, it's been warm even in the wee hours, so yesterday I didn't bring my hoodie and just went to work in a t-shirt.

Partway to work, I was given reason to reconsider the wisdom of this decision as a few drops of rain started to fall. Hmm...maybe I should just tote something around just in case. Upon reaching work, though, I found that we were in the midst of some kind of employee appreciation event, for which we are all awarded a gift. The gift? It turns out it's a nice, light, branded windbreaker, complete with a little hood! A bit of light rain would no longer be an inconvenience to me on the way home. I also note that, had I brought my hoodie with me to work that day, taking an extra jacket home would have just been an extra pain, whereas on this particular day, it was actually welcome. It's nice when things work out like that.

In other news, I have taken a sledgehammer and repeatedly bludgeoned my personal life about the head and neck. For reasons slowly becoming clear to me, and generally centering on the theme that I am, contrary to previous assumption, not a generally thoughtful and unselfish person, I then proceeded to torch and sodomize the corpse. So all-in-all, I can't say it's been a fantastic couple of weeks around here lately, and frankly, I'm not feeling very good about things. I'll be taking a breather for a little while. Not to worry, just a little break to think about stuff. I've been making some big decisions lately, and they've caused a lot of heartbreak and panic, and I'm pretty much just given to hoping that I've done the right thing. Going to take a little while to sort it out.

But, hey. Free jacket.
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