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Failure to communicate

I feel, in the in-the-back-of-my-mind kind of way, that it's been a pretty busy week since I last checked in. I know I've talked before about how working swing shift kind of rearranges my concept of what a "day" is. Well, working weekends similarly rearranges the idea of a "week" for me, I have to admit. It wasn't quite so bad when I had a regular four-day schedule. Basically, my weekend was Monday and Tuesday. So your Wednesday would be my Monday, but it was also like having Tuesdays off, since I didn't work Thursdays. (That'll make sense if you stare at it a while, really.) That's kind of all out the window at this point. It may well be that Mondays will be a regular addition to my schedule. This is a sort of double-whammy, not only saddling me with a five-day work week, but also making my days off non-contiguous. So, frankly, these days I don't really know if I'm coming or going.

Anyway. So when I say it's been a week since I last checked in, it's a minor miracle that I actually mean a week, in that it's been seven days. In other scenarios, my sense of time is a lot less reliable. I find myself saying that something happened "last week," when really I'm saying that on a Friday and the event in question took place on, say, Tuesday. This is a step beyond my "normal" amount of displacement, wherein (for example) while it is right now technically Friday, by my own personal reckoning it's still Thursday. What's weirder to me is that I can't really convert my days of the week into proper working-stiff analogs any more. I still like to think of Wednesday as my Monday, but right now Friday is seeming like my Monday, too. It's just too weird thinking of Friday as a Monday, though. It seems almost sacrilegious. But the alternative, weirdly, not only makes Monday my Friday, but also has me working on my Sunday.


Enough of that. The practicality of it all is that, apparently, I'm now scheduled for Mondays. This leaves me Tuesdays and Thursdays off, which is just about as fun as it sounds. This week, though, and next week, come to think of it, have even more bonus non-fun thrown in. But let us rewind a bit.

So, as you may or may not recall, at the tail end of my sabbatical a couple weeks ago (or whenever) was a new dealing audition for a kind of promotion. Also as you may or may not recall, I didn't think it went too well, because I got sent away rather quickly. Well, it turns out that things didn't go as badly as I thought, I guess, because soon after that I spent one shift among a group of us temporary types being sent out into live game roation to be "observed" in action by, well, I guess the people who make these promotion decisions. Then I guess that went well enough, because I got a call saying that I'd made the cut, and that I'd been promoted. So...after checking out my schedule and talking to some of the people involved, it appears that my life is not going to be changed too much by this promotion. The most significant change is that the word "temporary" no longer appears in my job title, which makes it much less likely that I'll wake up one day to find I no longer have a job to go to. But gazing into the immediate future, it doesn't look like my actual dealing responsibilities are going to change that much, if at all (excepting that it looks like I've picked up an extra shift). Which I'm grateful for, believe me; I'm not looking for much of a change at this point. I guess what it really means is that I've got a lot less of an excuse for being a fuckup than I used to. :)

Speaking of of the other effects of this job shift is that I had to put in an extra day of training this week. Today, actually. Which is to say Thursday. There were two rather unfortunate aspects to this training day. One, it was scheduled for my day off. Bummer, but hey, at least I get paid for it. Um...I'm pretty sure. Two, it was scheduled for the morning of my day off, which would be the morning after I just came off working a swing shift the previous night. Extra bummer. I have to tell you...I didn't fuck around; I spent the night in Alantic City last night. Even cutting out my commute I didn't get a whole hell of a lot of sleep, unfortunately, and I was still late to training. Only a few minutes, but still. Pain in the ass. As always, I don't want to crash too early tonight and screw up my sleep schedule for the work-weekend (which is now four days instead of three...which basically strips it of any meaningful categorization of "weekend," since it's now a majority of the week ;) ), but I am quite looking forward to going to bed tonight.

Oh, and also speaking of that (which was, as you may not remember at this point, speaking of being a fuckup), I fucked up. On Monday's shift, I believe it was, I made an unfortunate error at the tables, miscounting someone's chips when they went all-in and thereby misquoting a bet amount to another player. A floorperson was nearby and corrected me, and then all sorts of shit hit all sorts of fans when the player wanted to take his bet back. Not coincidentally, his desire to take back his call occurred after his opponent had revealed is crushing hole cards of pocket aces. I should also point out that my mistake was not of a grand scale...I quoted 30K when the price was actually 35K. Yes, I screwed up. No, it shouldn't have been that big a deal. But, poker players are as poker players do, and things got emotional. By the end, three floor guys were involved, this guy was shouting at people and kicking things, and I tried my best to keep things going while fervently hoping the ground would swallow me before too long. Either that, or I'd get tapped out. Whether or not coincidentally, I was sent home on my next break. I felt I departed under a cloud of shame. God I hate fucking up.

Anyway. Strangely I went out and had a couple drinks that night after work with a friend of mine. Originally I was going to go have a couple drinks and stew for being a fuckup, but actually it turned into just having a couple drinks. With no stewing, I mean. So that's nice. So that was Monday. I had the next day off, and amazingly I made it through a whole day off without playing any poker. Or...not for any money, anyway. What I did do was help an up-and-coming protodealer prepare for an upcoming audition, so...I guess I did play a little mock poker. And blackjack, come to think of it. And we hung out for a while, so that ate up Tuesday. Then I worked again Wednesday night. Contrary to the apparent pattern of late, I was not sent home early. Which was a bit unfortunate because, as mentioned, I had to come right back into work the next morning for training. So what ended up happening was that I worked a full shift Wednesday night, crashed for a few hours in an A.C. hotel, and then went right back into work the next morning, which was this morning, Thursday. I went though the (dorky, by the way) training routine, and then killed the rest of my afternoon in A.C. Still not playing poker, I might add. So that's weird, actually...three whole days and no poker. :)

At any rate, that brings me to tonight. I'll be headin' off to bed soon, and then I get sucked back into work. Oh, so...the upcoming unfun for this week is that I believe I have to attend a kind of mass-meeting for employees this next week. On the upside, I have a variety of time slots to choose from for when I actually need to attend this meeting. On the downside, all the timeslots are on my days off. :P So this next week will feature much like this past week did...six of my days will involve work stuffs.

So...that's about it, I guess. Busy busy. I really do want to get more stuff blogged. I just don't seem to find the time or energy. Granted, mostly what I want to do is just blog shorter entries more often, but I gotta say, that shit is going to get boring really fast. Not like this, which I guess gets boring really slowly. :) Anyhoo, though, I think that's about it. Just been doing my thing, and time's been going by. That's life.
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