Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Chasing my tail

So...the last time I tried to re-enter the blogging arena, it went something like a non-catchup ramble. I'm going to attempt to even things out a bit this time with a non-ramble catchup. When last I left off, I was about to start another weekend of work which was then to be followed by a bit of homeless time. The work-weekend went about as expected...time just pretty much got eaten up. I got to start the mini-vacation a bit early, though, as my shift on Sunday went pretty short and I just jumped right into playing poker.

Nah...this non-rambling thing isn't working. I need to back up. backstory, early last week was going to be a little mini-vacation for me. A kind of sabbatical. Momz was having houseguests stay over for a couple days, so I was to make myself scarce. Originally, I was going to use that time to go somewhere useful, but a scheduling conflict unexpectedly arose (more on that later), and I instead decided that it would not be wise to attempt to leave Atlantic City just yet. So the plan was: work all weekend, then take a couple days to be on my own and do my own thing. This would basically mean playing a shitload of poker.

So...that started Sunday night after a half-shift of work. (This is like getting a half-day on Friday and starting your weekend early.) I then spent the next two days or so largely playing poker or attempting to get very small amounts of sleep. At some point, after the guests had left, I returned home, got some more small amount of sleep, and went back out into the world.

Which is where the aforementioned scheduling conflict comes into play. At some point, I believe prior to that weekend, I'd been asked to come in and do another dealing audition for the casino I'm already working for. This new audition would be for a bit of a shift in my dealing responsibilities...kinda like a promotion. I had two options of when I could do the audition, neither of which were very appealing, sadly, because the audition slots were during the day and I'm now a night person. My choices were basically to audition on the day before I had an evening shift or on the day after I had an evening shift. I took the "before," mostly because the "after" would have me pretty much coming home from my shift and then heading right back out to A.C. Unfortunately, the "before" meant I also cut into my sabbatical time, which is why I couldn't quite justify leaving A.C. So...there ya go.

So I went to the new audition, and I have to admit, I thought I must have fucked up somehow, because they didn't keep me long, and they sent me packing before anyone else. Honestly, though, I wasn't bummed about it; I'm pretty happy with my job the way it is. Anyway, I left the audition, left the casino, killed half an afternoon in A.C., and then headed right back to the casino to work my shift. I worked my shift, which ran a bit late that night. I dragged home, got a little more sleep, and then dragged out the next morning back to A.C. to lend some help to a friend. I then spent that day in A.C., and eventually dragged back home. That would have been Thursday. (That week wasn't a big week for sleep for me.) So I slept as much as I could on Thursday night, then dropped back into a work weekend, which would be this past weekend. I worked another short shift on Sunday, as I recall, and made it back to the poker tables, which is also what took up much of Monday and Tuesday. I worked again on Wednesday, which I guess brings us, more or less, to today, Thursday. During which, I feel I must add, I didn't get nearly as much done as I had originally wanted to, but...well, that happens.

So here we are. And the bad news is...not only am I headed right back into another work weekend, but this week it turns out I've been scheduled for Monday night as well, so it looks like I may not be coming back up for air until sometime Tuesday. Madness.

Anyway...time for me to shuffle off. It's getting harder and harder to stay connected. Hope you all are well, and I'm sorry to those to whom I still owe contact. I'm workin' on it.
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