Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

The (sorta) monthly update

Welp...back when New Year's was still a thing, I had wanted to check back every month and see how I was doing. Well, I neglected to do it last month, but I'm in for March, so...let's see. (Fair warning: this is gonna bore y'all to tears. Consider this post for me.)

Remembering/working toward goals: Newfound energy, drive, and purpose have (as far as I've noticed) failed to take over my every waking moment. That said, I guess it hasn't completely left my mind that I wanted to get stuff done this year. Still...I'd say I'm underperforming.

Keeping and using a to-do list: Again, under par. I started a list, put a few things on it, and have since basically ignored it. It's an easy thing to fall out of the habit if using. I should make this list more in-my-face and visible/accessible on a daily basis, instead of tucked away on a file on the computer. That'd probably help.

Get rid of stuff: So far, no progress here.

Stop losing time: I'd like to think there's been progress here, but I can't really say I've been getting a lot accomplished with my free time.


Job: So far, this is going all right. It's not guaranteed to last, and it's certainly not going to make me rich, but the current dealing gig is at least keeping me alive, which is the primary goal.

Budgeting: I have not made a budget, per se, but I have to say, I've been doing excellently at tracking my expenses and such, so I at least have a good idea about what is happening to my money currently. It's also very true that tracking my expenses has been saving me money, as on multiple occasions I've stopped myself from wasting money in some ridiculous way, actually thinking to myself, "Wow...I'd hate to have to write that down later."

Debt: Eh. I'm pretty much making the minimum headway here. Costly as shit, but probably necessary at least for a while.

New place: Nope.

No smoking: Eh. I have to admit, it's been on and off so far this year. I'm currently "off," so I'd like to say I still have it under control, but the fact that I keep going back probably makes that a weak statement. Still. I feel overall all right about this one.

Eat healthier: This has actually been going pretty well, considering. I think just recently, like in the last week or two, I've slipped a bit, but overall my diet has largely improved over what it's been in the last couple years.

Exercise more: Mmm. Still not getting a lot of exercise. Was getting more earlier in the year, it feels like, though it was never a lot, really. Definitely not doing anything to work up much of a sweat these days.

Less TV: Less? Yes. None? No. Less is good. None would be better.

Read more: I'd say this has been going all right. Actually have a commute helps. Not being able to commute with a backpack has cramped things somewhat, but I know I've been reading a lot more this year than before. Mostly a lot of David Brin and Philip K. Dick from the local library, and re-reading Discworld books of my own. I'd say that's been the vast majority.

Write more: That'd be no.

Crack Den: Hah! No.

More gaming: Nope.

Progress: You know...I don't even know what the hell I was thinking. I mean, I do, but it's just so not me. This whole "always moving" thing...I just wasn't built for it, I guess. But, whatever...I'm doing what I can. Or at least what I do, which is all I'm shooting for at the moment. Snagging some work has least I feel like I'm doing something. Still, I know I have a long way to go, and it wouldn't hurt to be getting a move on that, so...yeah, I think it'd be understating it to say I have some room to improve in this area. Ever forward.

And...I guess that's it. Lackluster, I guess, but this was never supposed to be super-dramatic or anything. Quite frankly, I'm pleased enough just to have something approaching a job and still be in touch with people and blogging once in a while. In any case, life goes on. I don't expect much change in the next month or so, so...we'll see how the next progress report goes. Onward!
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