Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado


The nice thing about working swing shift and going into work in the evenings is that there's basically no chance of me oversleeping. That holds a lot of appeal for me, frankly. I keep thinking of something my sister told me, though, who is now a veteran at working nights. She said that she finds it hard to get things done during the day before work. Even though the numbers say that there's plenty of time to use to do things, the looming deadline of having to go to work overshadows the free time during the day, even if that deadline isn't so looming. Like, "Oh, I can't start that project now. I have to be at work in...six hours." As ridiculous as that sounds on paper, I'm really finding it to be true. I don't have a great attention span; I don't like to be interrupted in the middle of something, because it's hard to get started again. (Like how I want to pause reading a book only in between chapters, say.) So whenever I sit and think I'll do something, I always have this feeling that I won't have enough time, and I never get started. Poor!

Like today. Yesterday, as I was signing off for the night, I figured, "Eh, I'll have plenty of time tomorrow to get some stuff written before I go to work." And then all this afternoon I did some little chores, ran some little errands, but never really got started on anything bigger than that, because I was afraid I'd have to stop and go to work.'s pretty moot at this point, as now the deadline actually is looming and I've got to head to work soon. But it's just one of those weird things...that mental trickery that defies the objective observation. I work foo hours, commute bar, sleep baz, I should have thud hours left in the day to get stuff done. Thud is a non-trivial amount, but by the arrangement of the schedule, somehow I only get trivial things accomplished.

In any case, tomorrow I'm off day off before the crazy weekend pit opens up once more. I'm hoping to hole up and take care of business tomorrow. I had thought, actually, that I might try for a New York trip, but at this point I don't think that's gonna happen. Some other Thursday, perhaps. :)

In any case, off with me. Peace out, party people. Smell ya later!
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