Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

If I don't know, the Internet does

I stole this from chadu, basically cuz it looked like fun.

My Wants (input "rob wants" into Google; one page; dupes removed)
Bizarre: Rob wants Ibiza da action
Rob wants you to drop dead.
Rob wants a bling bling on his microphone?
Rob wants me to invest in tunics.
Rob Wants a Bigger Pad.
Rob wants you to know that the food is most excellent.
It's clear that Rob wants to poke holes in the spec, and frankly if Rob wants to find something to complain about, it's not too hard.
Rob wants to make Casie think he has really changed.
Rob wants to expand his water park by purchasing new slides and another gift shop.

My Needs (input "rob needs" into Google; one page; dupes removed)
Rob needs a hero - clearly, somebody! Please!!
The Rob Store...The place to get all your Rob needs. (yes even Rob has needs)
By the end Rob needs physically restraining to keep him off Vikki.
Rob needs a job.
Rob needs to realise that although conditions look similar, the laws are not.
Rob needs credit for steeping up and fighting the biggest guy on the show!
Why Rob needs your support and donations
Rob needs therapy
Rob needs Net Clued Lawyer, urgently.
Tags: queme
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