Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Show some love

Herein lies some Valentine's Day musings, but first I just want to say that, owing to the weather, I had one amazingly ridiculous time getting back home from Atlantic City tonight, so I'm sadly not in the mushy headspace I wanted to be in to make this post. I'll get into the A.C. story some other time. Mostly I just wanted to get the V-Day post out.

So I was thinking...Valentine's Day takes a lot of shit from people. And not for no reason, either. I mean, I'm usually among them. The people giving shit, I mean. But I got to thinking that, instead of hating on Valentine's Day for what it's become, why not try and make it something better? In other words...could we somehow take back Valentine's Day?

Leaving aside, for the moment, issues of bitterness and resentment that get stirred up a lot on this day devoted to couples, I think also people tend to rail against the crass commercialization and all that Hallmark junk that's been tacked on to trying to express one's love. I think that's easy enough to leave behind. But I think also there's the issue of non-traditional kinds of love getting the short shrift. And I don't just mean things like unusually structured romantic relationships, I mean also...the many ways that people love people. I have, I feel I can say, feelings for people that aren't exactly run-of-the-mill ol'-buddy-ol'-pal feelings, but also aren't really the kinds of feelings that lend themselves to pink lacy hearts, boxes of chocolate, or jewelry. Where's our day? Truth be told, I was thinking there should be other days for other loves. Heh...I remember in a discussion with kinfae a long time ago, the idea was forwarded of something like a Tell Your Friends They're Sexy Day. :) (Which I still think would be a great day.) But, I don't know...something doesn't ring true on that path. This is love we're talking about here...being divisive about it just seems antithetical. Love should be about bringing people together, not forcing them apart. Should only the romantics be steeped in lovey-dovey, and everyone else left out in the cold? Is that the only real love worth celebrating? And to that I say: nay!

But Valentine's Day is all about romantic love. ( tries to be, anyway.) So what I want to do is expand on that instead of replace it. Have your romantic's all good. But have the rest, too...your Platonic love, say, or your agape, or your recent crush, or your carried torch. Your parents, your children, your siblings, OMG BFF, holla atcha boy, whatever. I sincerely think that we love each other in ways we don't even have names for. We all have bonds, we're all something to each other...something special, even. I don't want to pin love down...I want to blow it up, spread it around.

Here's the point. All too often in the past I've been the one to bring the hate. So for Valentine's Day, I want to bring the love. I invite all of you to take an opportunity to step out of the trappings, if only for a little while, and look at what love might be like if we didn't expect it to be like something else. I don't know...maybe it's just me, but I just feel like I've got a lot of love inside, and sometimes I think I just don't know what to do with it. Well, I want to share it, and Valentine's Day seems like a good a time as any. It's supposed to be a day for love, and I want it to be just that. Take a look inside. Take a look around. And take today to show some love!

Ryker loves ya, kid, and so do I. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
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