Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

NFL Super Bowl Picks

Super Bowl on its way. Astoundingly, I'm going to be working, so I'm gonna miss it. 'Sfine. As you can probably guess by my lack of posting on the matter, I've lost a shitload of steam on this whole football thing. Good for all concerned that the season's almost over. :) I don't think I've updated about any results in the post-season, and I'm certainly not going to have anything more to post about until after the Super Bowl, so...consider this it for a while. I'll try and wrap up the season next week sometime.

As for Mascot Fights...well, it's Bears vs. Colts, and a simple predator/prey stance means I'm going with the Bears. Comment with your own picks, and later on after all interest has died down, we'll see both how the Super Bowl goes and how everyone fared for the season. Good luck, everyone, and I hope it's a good game!
Tags: nfl picks
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