Rob Abrazado (flatvurm) wrote,
Rob Abrazado

Personality: Negative

The short version: The interview was crap, and I'm not getting that job. I'm surprisingly okay with this.

The longer version: When I say the interview was crap, I don't mean that it went poorly or anything, really...I mean it was a joke. I showed up, and they sat me down in front of a computer to fill out some kind of employment questionnaire. It turns out this thing was like a personality or aptitude test or something. Do I play well with others. Do I like money or free time. Do I work hard. Do I work fast. Do I complain. Stuff like that. It was, I think, 40 questions, multiple choice, and the final one was about math. Yay math. :) I took the test, then I sat around waiting to talk to an actual human. Eventually the human showed up, and she read off a list of additional yes/no questions to determine more practical aspects of suitability. Can I work where people smoke. Can I work on weekends. Like that. I signed a couple forms for background checks and that kind of hoo-hah, and then I was told that I failed the personality test, I won't be hired, and I can't try to re-take the test for six months. Have a nice day.

I blink.

I leave.

And that was it! Not that long of a version, right? How ridiculous is that. So the specifics are...I was being interviewed for a poker dealer spot at Showboat, which is a Harrah's property. Apparently all Harrah's properties rely on this same test for hiring practices, so I am unable (as I specifically clarified) to be hired for any Harrah's job (that's four casinos in A.C.) for at least the next six months. Possibly never, as I can't really see any major personality changes coming over me in the next few months. Also I don't know what would have to change, as I cannot imagine in what way I failed this test. Well...I take that back. I can certainly imagine how. :) As is my funny little way, I was honest on the test, so I'm sure I came across as antisocial, undisciplined, and quite possibly mentally retarded in some fashion. But I mean...come on. I'm a stickler for this kind of stuff. There is a world of difference between what I'd like my life to be and what I'm willing to accept it to be. They asked me what I'd like, and I told them. The sad thing is, a test on a computer will never be able to know about that difference. And a human never bothered to find out. So...fuck 'em. :)

The really weird thing is, I didn't care that much. I mean...I know that there was a time I would have been fuming about this. In fact, I was rather pissed. But in my mellowing old age I'm now more of the opinion that if this is how they set up hiring, then this is how they set up hiring. I mean...fuck it, it's clear I won't be able to explain anything to anyone there, so...what's the point of expending energy on it. No, what really got me angry was the colossal waste of time the whole thing was. I mean...Jesus, I dragged my ass out there in between my shifts so I could, what, spend 20 minutes taking a test I could have done online or through the mail so they could have me sit in and office and fill out forms so that they could tell me they're not going to hire me? Save me the goddamn trip! So I had to fucking sit around and waste like four or five hours doing nothing killing the time between when my interview was over and when my shift started that night. What a waste.

Anyway...I felt incredibly weird about the whole thing. I felt like...I should have been embittered, but I wasn't. I couldn't bring myself to care. And I realized...I realized I'd probably never work there. I could fake the test, but...what the hell would be the point? If it came down to that, it basically would just be me lying for money. What the hell's the point in that? Is that who I am now? So, no...I won't fake the test. If the opportunity comes up, I'll probably take it again. And I'll probably fail it again. But, man, in six months I hope I'll have a damn job by then. But was just weird all around. They've decided I don't have the personality to be a poker dealer. I'm glad they invested in that particular piece of technology, because God knows they shouldn't waste their time putting someone like me at the tables. Who knows what might happen. I just feel so strange to have been evaluated in such an...inept manner. Not that I don't think there might be some kind of value there, but to have no human interpretation? Ridiculous.

Or! The other option is, of course, that the staffing human was the one who pulled the trigger. Maybe she sized me up in her office and used the assessment test as an excuse. It's certainly possible. If that's the case, though, then that evaluation was not based on anything that I was aware of, so it was something passive: she didn't like how I interacted, or looked, or smelled or something. So that's another possibility.

Whatever the reason was, though, either they think there's a chance it will get better in six months, or else they're just further wasting my time. Neither one is a thought I find palatable, frankly, so...fat chance of me heading back that way. Pity about all the work opportunities I'm going to miss out on, though. It's going to be great when computers run everything, though, isn't it?
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