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One of the big downsides of having no time is doing the one-way blogging thing. I fear the day when I have a chance to sit down and catch up on my LJ. ;) (One neat thing...the casino provides Internet stations for people to use on break. Very cool! Two un-neat things...I generally don't have enough time on break to do anything useful and use the 'Net, and also I fear logging in to anything on such publicly-open-slash-employer-controlled computers, so...oh well. :) )

Anyway...another one-way entry. 10-hour shift yesterday. Blah! Interview today. Blah! Then on to my evening shift tonight. Blah! After today, though, hopefully things should calm a bit. Short review: I need lots of practice. My mechanics aren't as good as I thought they were, and the reason I know this is so is because I make myself sore a lot. I flipped two more cards and had many close calls to flipping, so...something's wrong with my pitch. Also I'm having trouble counting chips, which basically makes me the least useful dealer ever. ;) Mostly just trying to rush too much...need to slow it down a bit and focus. Otherwise, though...Day 2 was largely better than Day 1, jitters-wise.

Anyway, gotta run again. See y'all later!
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